PDP’s Ten Best Tag-Teams of All-Time

A new feature here at PDP will help the readers get to know a little about the site. Every so often, we will put our collective brains together and formulate lists of who (and what) we consider the best at in different subjects of professional wrestling. The great thing about professional wrestling? It’s a subjective art form so if you disagree, let us know who you would have put on the list. Our first effort is with tag-team wrestling. In many ways, tag-team wrestling has been forgotten in the current era of professional wrestling but in the past it created some of the best and most memorable matches and feuds.

Without further adieu, here’s

PDP’s Ten Best Tag-Teams of All-Time:

#1 The Road Warriors

I consider the Dudley Boys to be the third best tag team ever. Well, The Road Warriors are essentially the Dudleys on all kinds of PEDs — without a single negative alteration that comes with using the cream and/or the clear. Hawk and Animal spent large portions of decades of dominance being the “premiere” tag-team of whatever promotion they were a member of at the time, so much so that many federations would use them as the headliners. That’s unheard in the world of pro wrestling before The Road Warriors, as well as after them. They drew “top face” type attendance, and their standing among the greats is clear in their staying power, as the WWE still uses their name (just their name!) to help build heat for heel tag teams. (Joseph)

#2 The Hart Foundation

The Hart Foundation didn’t finish in the top three in any of our five ballots but because of consistency they rose to the top. They were one of only two teams listed on every ballot (the other was The Road Warriors). Bret Hart and Jim Neidhart had a great run and even though they only held the WWF Tag-Team Titles twice, they will go down as one of the truly great teams in the history of professional wrestling. (Kevin)

#3 The Dudley Boyz

The early-2000’s was easily the best era of WWE tag team wrestling in the past 20 years. The rivalry between the trio of tag teams (Hardy Boyz, the Dudleys and Edge and Christian) electrified the carnage-obsessed fans of the Attitude Era. The Dudley Boyz rose to fame in ECW as half-brothers. They were eight-time ECW Champions, nine-time WWE Tag Team champions (WWE and World), and three-time TNA Tag Team champions (TNA and NWA). During 20+ years in the industry, the Dudley Boyz revolutionized the use of the table in professional wrestling. It was evident in the 2015 Royal Rumble when Bubba Ray Dudley made a surprise appearance that despite having not wrestled in WWE in 10 years, the fans still remember, love and long for the Dudleys. Hopefully we’ll see them both back with the E before their careers end because if the New Age Outlaws can get a late-career run with the tag titles, so too should the Dudleys. (Jeff)

#4 The Rock n Roll Express

To have a great heel tag team like the Midnight Express, you need a perfect protagonist. RnR Express mastered the face tag team dynamic, with Ricky Morton playing the good guy-in-peril better than anyone before or since. (Kyle)

#5 The Midnight Express

Stellar in-ring work and the ability to work as credible faces (vs. Arn/Tully, vs. the “other” Midnights) despite being one of the all-time greatest heel tag teams. Add Jim Cornette to the mix, and you’ve got the greatest tag team ever.  (Kyle)

#6 Demolition

What started out as a knock off of the Road Warriors turned into quite a formidable tag-team in WWF. They held the WWF Tag-Team Championships three times and above all else they had a kick ass theme song.

#7 The (Midnight) Rockers

No, they didn’t technically win any tag team gold (stupid not properly structured ring), but they did redefine what a tag team could be for a very long time. Before The Rockers, most tag teams were comprised of a strongman and either a technical wrestler or a bit more of a high-flyer. The Rockers were just the latter, and also implemented a bevy of tag-team specific maneuvers that were never seen before. To say they were revolutionary would be an understatement. Their contribution to the tag-team division isn’t as much in their record of success, but how future pro wrestlers would go about building tag teams. (Joseph)

#8 The Steiner Brothers

The Steiners probably don’t get enough credit but they were in many ways innovators. They held the WWF Tag-Team Titles twice and held the NWA/WCW Tag-Team Titles seven times. They also saw success in Japan as two time IWGP Tag-Team Champions.

#9 The British Bulldogs

The Bulldogs are one of the most underrated tag-teams of all-time. Dynamite Kid and Davey Boy Smith had great chemistry and really worked well in the ring together. Unfortunately, the Bulldogs were only given one run with the WWF Tag-Team Titles. (Kevin)

#10 The Hardy Boyz

Along with The Dudley Boys and Edge & Christian, the Hardy’s will go down as one of the most influential tag-teams because of the TLC style matches that they had. Jeff was the flyer and Matt was the technician and it’s what helped them work they way they did. The Hardy Boyz are seven time WCW/WWE tag-team champions and have recently capture the TNA tag-team titles. They also won the prestigious Terri Invitational Tournament.