Daily Update: Feb. 28, 2014

  • Interim GM Brian Burke won't be back with the Flames next year. That disaster up in Calgary continues to flourish.
  • Christian Erhoff joined the list today of players available out there on the market. He submitted a no-trade list today of eight teams where he will not accept a trade.

Erhoff is an interesting player and would be a nice addition for Dallas (if Dallas isn't on that no-trade list). The only problem here is that lengthy 10-year, $40 million contract. The money and cap hit isn't bad. It's actually on of the friendliest long-term deals you'll find out on the market. It's just that the 31-year-old is only in year three of that 10-year deal.

  • Ryan Kesler continues to be in the news amidst many trade rumors. It looks like the Penguins were ready to pitch a deal centered around Derek Pouliot and Brandon Sutter, a couple of nice, young prospects.

Kesler is the biggest center out there on the market. His contract isn't too bad, and he's certainly talented enough to warrent the current asking price (a solid prospect, first-round pick and a current NHL-ready player).

  • Ottawa Senators defenseman, and pending free agent, Chris Phillips could be involved in a deal soon with the Boston Bruins. It's a pretty hefty asking price though for the veteran d-man.

It certainly looks like either Girardi or Ryan Callahan will be traded by the deadline. With the Rangers working a little harder with Girardi, Callahan could be on his way out soon.

*Update* – The Rangers have re-signed Girardi, per Darren Dreger. Girardi also gets a full no-movement clause for the first three years and a modified no-trade clause for the final three.