Ezekiel Elliot Has a Charitable Celebration after Scoring a TD

Cowboys running back Ezekiel Elliott found a way to give back on Thanksgiving after scoring a touchdown in the team’s divisional showdown against the Redskins.  The Cowboys were favored in this game as football betting strategies dictate that you shouldn’t wager on a team like Washington, who lost their quarterback to injury the week before.  But, websites can be frustrating which is why it’s always good to check one of the top NJ sportsbook apps on the market.

The Cowboys were productive on their first drive of the game, and they gave the ball to their featured running back in hopes of finishing it off. He received a handoff on second-and-three at the Redskins’ 16-yard line, and he made the most of it. Elliott ran off-tackle and hit a huge hole that opened up off the left end. He went into the end zone untouched, and celebrated with a great gesture.

Elliott approached a staffer behind the end zone, who gave him a twenty-dollar bill, and a one-dollar bill. The Cowboys running back then deposited both in the Salvation Army bucket. The amount was fitting, as the $21 he donated was likely because he wears a No. 21 jersey.

That was clearly the best touchdown celebration of the day so far.