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Why New Online Slots Are So Fun

As the vast extent of human history has proven time and time again, gambling is a whole load of exhilarating fun. It has been a bedrock of civilization since its very beginning – the ancients gambled like there was no tomorrow and even further back there are traces of gambling since before written language. That is a lot of gambling isn’t it? Over five thousand years worth in fact. And the reason why? Well, it is just too much fun! Don’t believe us? See for yourself over at

And in recent times the fun factor has increased exponentially due to the gargantuan rise of the online casino market. In a world once restricted to cards and casinos, this development has blown the industry wide open. Anyone can gamble on online slots now, wherever they are. And if that’s not good enough the vast range of titles is genuinely ridiculous, far from the often generic physical casino slots, online slots cater to any kind of gambler.

Have a pungent for the ridiculous? Why not delve into The Codfather by Next Gen gaming and help the aquatic Mafioso in a range of tasks? Or perhaps you would rather try you luck at Classic Slots a more traditional title from by Blazesoft? The world of online slots genuinely leaves no stone unturned, it’s all there, from the downright wacky to the strictly conventional. One thing is for certain though; it is all in the name of fun!


What really sets 2019 online slots apart from their physical counterparts and the rest of the gambling world is their ability to grip the gambler with truly outstanding game playability and story-lines. Take the aforementioned The Codfather for instance, the storyline is at once hilarious and exhilarating – suddenly gambling becomes about more than just the money, it’s outrageous fun too.  


Following from the unique playability factor of modern online slots is their often incredible graphics. Some newer online slot titles have visuals that can rival the very best computer games out there. Sometimes the question, why are new online slots so fun? Can be answered simply by the fact that they are so fun to look at in the first place. Take the Ted title from BluePrint, this new online video slot is based upon the motion picture of the same name and the graphics are more than impressive. You could have so much fun on this online slot without even winning a dime, the graphics are just that good!

Win Factor

Playability and newer graphics are all well and good but at the crux of the matter here for any gambler is how likely they are to secure a big old jackpot. Well, here’s where online slots excel. Due to a transparent RTP – Return To Player – and a wealth of bonus rounds and features it is much easier to win at an online slot than on their physical casino counterparts. And what’s more fun than winning a large amount of money? Not much.