The Mental Game of Boxing: How to Stay Calm and Confident in the Ring

Introduction: Boxing is a physically and mentally demanding sport that requires athletes to have a strong mindset in order to succeed. While physical training is important, it’s also crucial to develop mental toughness and confidence in the ring. In this guide, we’ll explore some tips and techniques for staying calm and confident in the ring […]

Hell in a Cell 2015 or No Mercy 2002?

Hell in a Cell 2015 airs on WWE Network Sunday, but I’m not entirely sure this isn’t a 2002 throwaway pay-per-view given the lineup. In fact, two of Hell in a Cell’s featured matches happened on the same card, this same month, 13 years ago. Undertaker-Lesnar is the return engagement of a plodding match that […]

Takeover: RESPECT Remembers What Makes Wrestling Great

NXT’s latest Takeover event bore an appropriate subtitle: RESPECT. RESPECT was thusly named for the primary storylines and feuds driving the show: respect for the late, great Dusty Rhodes via the Dusty Classic tag-team tournament, and NXT Women’s Champion Bayley’s battle for respect from Sasha Banks. The main-event women of NXT further commanded respect from […]

Charlotte Can Be The Face of Wrestling

Charlotte is everything a wrestling federation could want in a marquee performer. She’s athletic, parlaying her experience as a college volleyball player and former fitness trainer into tremendous ring work. She’s got a great look: tall, blonde and in peak physical condition. She exudes charisma just as much through her facial expressions and mannerisms as […]

Ring of Honor-New Japan War of the World Shaping Up to Be Magic

Ring of Honor announced most of the lineup for Night 1 of its War of the Worlds joint venture with New Japan Pro Wrestling this week and now I can’t feel my face. Here’s the card, via – DELIRIOUS vs. GEDO – JAY LETHAL w/TRUTH MARTINI vs. WATANABE – RODERICK STRONG vs. KUSHIDA – […]

Bring Back The Brand Split When Smackdown Moves to USA

Smackdown, long the WWE’s B-show to Raw, should be the lesser child no longer. USA Network and WWE announced their longstanding partnership is expanding in 2016, with Smackdown moving from Syfy to USA. With there no longer being a clear division in reach, Smackdown’s move to USA is the time for WWE to pump up […]

April 20 RAWcap: RKO Outta Everywhere!

It’s the go-home Raw before WCW Uncensored Extreme Rules, WWE’s last vestiges of the ECW reboot. The very concept of the Extreme Rules event leaves much to be desired: every match having a gimmick is oversaturation; there was an all-gimmick show just four months ago with TLC; and, in the era of PG, it’s difficult […]

Remembering Ravishing Rick Rude

What I want all you fat, internet sweathogs to do right now is keep the noise down while I take off my robe… Ravishing Rick Rude, one of the best heels in wrestling, died 16 years ago today. Rude was effective at his job of being a truly hateable character, and boy, did I hate […]

Saving Face: WWE Struggles Booking Good Guys

On Monday’s RAW live from Pittsburgh, the top face of WWE, John Cena, got his United States Championship rematch with Rusev for WrestleMania XXXI. In typical John Cena fashion, he did so with heel tactics.

Bill DeMott Steps Down Amid Abuse Allegations

Serious allegations of sexual harassment, physical and verbal abuse levied against former NXT trainer Bill DeMott led to his resignation Friday afternoon. DeMott’s resignation via Twitter was also his first public acknowledgement of the allegations, which started with one-time NXT trainee Judas Devlin/Austin Matelson accusing DeMott of threatening and injuring students, as well as using […]

#GiveDivasAChance Can Be Landmark For WWE

The match between Charlotte and Sasha Banks on the March 5 edition of NXT was no different than any other encounter the two have had in the past year–save one element. Just like their previous, recent encounters, Banks and Charlotte put on a contender for match of the night that showcased their respective in-ring acumen […]