Here’s Kevin Ware Shooting Jumpers

No I won't post or link to it, but we all remember the Elite 8 game when Louisville's Kevin Ware shattered his leg challenging a jump shot, keeping him out for the rest of the tournament. I am no doctor, but I am shocked that he's even able to move around without crutches right now.

But he's doing a lot more than that. Wanting to be back for the start of the year, Ware is now in the gym shooting jumpers. It is a remarkable story, especially considering Louisville players were openly weeping on the court during that Elite 8 game, and it sparked a furor on twitter over whether or not those types of injuries should be shown on replay. Being able to walk normally is probably a victory in and of itself, but being able to play basketball is an added bonus.

And of course it helps Louisville on their quest to defend their title, as Ware was one of the Cardinals' best perimeter defenders last year and could be again this year.