The 191 most followed college basketball coaches on Twitter

Last year, Chris Burrows put together a list for Run the Floor of the most followed college basketball coaches. He attempted to use every method possible for selecting the most verified account for all ~345 Division-I head coaches using a combination of Google searches and Twitter User searches. He was able to locate 189 accounts […]

How Jerry Tarkanian kept Florida State from winning the national title

The 60s were a wild time in college basketball recruiting. There were essentially no rules and little enforcement. This is when the NCAA earned the reputation for only going after the little guy, as schools like UCLA and Kentucky had boosters who openly paid recruits and players. Jerry Tarkanian said that the "NCAA is so […]

Economics of the 2013 NCAA Tournament

The tournament is a cash cow for the NCAA. Since it owns and controls the tournament the NCAA does not have to split revenue with corporate sponsors as in football and baseball, and as a result over 90% of the NCAA operating budget is derived from this event alone. The NCAA in turn shares most […]

How many at-large bids will the NIT have?

The NIT isn't the tourney teams are looking for, but it is better than nothing. Free practice time. More games for experience. A win-or-go-home atmosphere. There are 347 Division I teams. 68 go to the NCAA, 32 go to the NIT, 32 mid and low majors go to the CIT, and 16 teams go to […]

Colorado State’s rebounding journey

The last time Colorado State seriously contended for the Mountain West regular season title was…well….hey, they won the WAC in 1990! Now they find themselves a half game behind New Mexico and are making a trip tonight to face UNLV. If they win in Vegas, they go home to prepare to host New Mexico this […]

May your new Years be more Gaels than Crimson

Happy new years all! In the final college game of 2012, the Saint Mary's Gaels trailed Harvard by 18 points in the 2nd half. But, possession by possession, they came back. Finally, with 0:42 seconds left, Harvard had the ball and a 1-point lead. Then this happened.  

Altering Shots at the Rim: The Silent Effect of a Shot Blocker

"Isaiah is not only going to block a lot of shots, he's going to alter shots and make people think twice about their shots."  — Baylor Coach Scott Drew, on his freshman center Isaiah Austin (, May 23, 2012). It is commonly accepted that great shot blockers do more than just block shots.  They also […]

Inside the boxscore: St. Mary’s 78, Yale 62

1. In each of the prior three games the Gaels had allowed their opponents to rebound fewer than 13% of their missed shots. But Yale managed 22 offensive boards, which was 44% of their misses. It was the 2nd worst rebounding game of the year for SMC (allowed 50% vs Utah State). 2. Yale made […]

Game within the game: Pitt winning the possession battle

Pitt was all over the board last year. They began the season 11-1 before going 6-15 down the stretch. In the postseason they won three straight to get to the Championship series of the CBI, where they defeated Washington State. The problem was their defense, which was awful. After having a top 40 defense in […]

Don’t look now, but Boston College is not terrible

It's not fair to judge Steve Donahue on last year's 9-22 (4-12) season, just like it's not fair to judge him on his first year at BC when he went 21-13 with two postseason wins. He inherited a team with Reggie Jackson, Joe Trapani, Corey Raji, etc… and then promptly lost them all. Five guys […]

Inside the boxscore: Louisville 80, Kentucky 77

1. With the loss Kentucky falls to 8-4. In John Calipari's first three seasons at Kentucky, the Wildcats lost a total of three regular season out-of-conference games. The last time Kentucky lost more than four was in the 2007-08 season. Kentucky's best win this season is on a neutral floor vs Maryland. 2. Kentucky entered […]

FSU’s defense finding its way?

This team seems to have found its offensive identity (Be aggressive, B-E aggressive! B-E A-G-G-R-E-S-S-I-V-E). Michael Snaer is going to shoot. A lot. And everyone else needs to look for opportunities in transition. A ticking clock is just a reminder that the team is that much closer to a turnover. Only one Leonard Hamilton coached […]

Shot distributions of the AP top 10 basketball teams

The best teams are typically the best for a reason.  One of the things that makes some teams better than others is shot distribution.  Better offenses generally get better shots, while better defenses typically force their opponents into poorer shots.  Shot distribution is easy to measure.  Play-by-play logs compiled during college basketball games place shots […]