Mike Rice Is Coaching AAU Basketball


I am usually not a member of the moral police. However, it baffles me that what happened over the weekend actually happened:

Mike Rice was recently fired for kicking and shoving his players and yelling homophobic slurs at them. Now Rice is helping coach his daughter’s AAU team. It hasn’t softened him a bit though, as he reportedly told one of the 12 year old girls “I can’t even look at you.”
Apparently this is not news, as Rice has been helping out with his daughter’s team for awhile now, but one would think that both Rice and the other players’ parents would want a little break from Rice coaching the team, if nothing else due to the circus surrounding his firing and the possibility that, oh I don’t know, some writer would see him coaching 12 year old girls and it would get posted all over the internet and make both him and the other parents look bad?
For what it’s worth, some parents dispute the facts surrounding the Deadspin report on Rice and said that the parents “are fully behind Coach Rice and his instruction of their daughters.” I’m not a parent, but I don’t think I would let someone who yelled gay slurs and kicked players near my child. The parent said the report was a “gross misrepresentation of the facts,” but I watched the video. I wonder if he or she did.