The Bears Don’t Understand Why They’re So Bad

All people dream about some sort of success in their lives. One wants to get a promotion, while for the other the best success is being a great parent. But have you ever wondered what is the price of success? Each time you see a story about a successful person, think of all the hard work behind these facts.

Let’s take a casino as an example. Most of us are used to think that if you are lucky enough, you will win anyway. Believe it or not, luck is not the only thing you need. Go to and try out any slots you like. Even if you have a huge luck, you won’t go too far without the proper understanding of how the slot machines work. No poker player can succeed without a thorough preparation that includes constant practicing and clever game strategy.

Same goes for sports. It seems that the Bears have finally realized that some serious action should be taken if they want to improve their results. There is no need to be a pro at NFL to notice that the Chicago Bears are failing over and over. Just watching, or at least trying to watch their game is enough to understand that the team’s results are dreadfully low. Yet, it turns out that neither the general manager Ryan Pace nor the head coach John Fox knows what should be done. Neither does the team. Thus, their only hope is bringing the outside consultant to sort out the situation.

The main task of the football consultant is to meet with all members of the team, including the coaching staff, to figure out the issues. As Ian Rapoport of the NFL Network says, these meetings have been rather tense. Not a surprise at all, if you take into account the gravity of the Bears’ problem. Those who are close to the head coach claim that Fox is overreaching himself to make the most for the team’s future. Well, it sounds a bit fake, doesn’t it? Otherwise, why don’t we see the results of such great efforts? Lots of people question whether Fox is really so engaged in his work or maybe he’s got so frustrated with the constant failures that he decided to do nothing at all?

As for Ryan, things are getting a bit better. Even though the 2015 draft class looks rather disappointing (partly because of Kevin White being on the injured reserve), the 2016 draftees are already showing some slight changes. And finally, there’s Jay Cutler. It’s not a secret that nobody from the Bears really wants to see him anymore. Unfortunately for the team, as Cutler himself admits, there was no other way out. The Bears were forced to play him because of the Brian Hoyer’s injury.

What are your thoughts? Do you think that football consultants (even the best ones) can help the Bears in any way or they are doomed to end up as the biggest losers in the NFL history?