6 Best iOS Apps for Sports Fans

From live broadcasts and game wrap-ups to team stats, sports fans have plenty of news to follow. To stay in the know, download the best apps on your smartphone so you won’t miss a single score. Here are the six best iOS apps for sports fans.


This free app is a great choice for sports mega fans. If you love all sports equally, SportsTap makes it easy to check for updates on all of them in a single app. Since it supports nearly all major sports, you can keep track of your NFL, MLB, NBA, and NHL teams, among others. Follow scores for golf, tennis, auto racing, and even college sports, too. Though you can opt to scroll through a variety of sports and major leagues, you can also customize your SportsTap interface to view scores and stats for your favorite teams quickly.

Team Stream

If you’re a diehard fan who already has a lineup of favorite teams, this is your app. With Team Stream, you can select your teams and set up alerts so you’re the first to know whenever news breaks. Whether you want to hear the latest scores, signings, or rumors, Team Stream has you covered. Simply download this free app on your smartphone, like the iPhone 6, choose your teams, and as long as you have Internet access on a reliable network, you’ll have all your favorite sports news anytime and anywhere.


If your family and friends overrule your TV preferences at game time, or if you just can’t make it home for the game, WatchESPN can save the day over and over again. As soon as you download this iOS app, you can access round-the-clock coverage from ESPN, ESPN2, ESPNU, ESPN Deportes, and more. Though this app is free to download, it works in conjunction with your local TV provider and cable subscription. Never miss a game again with live streaming and up-to-the-second highlights.

RotoWire Fantasy Draft Kit

When your fantasy team makes it to the big time, you need to step your game up a notch. The fantasy draft kit series from RotoWire will help you take your team to the next level in most major leagues. From baseball and football to basketball, RotoWire has the trusted experts and industry analysis you need to create the best possible team.

Though you can read news and keep track of league stats with this app, the real draw is the customized rankings for your league. This is a must for any sports fan running a fantasy league and is an added bonus for team owners. The app’s cost varies depending on the sport, but it’s usually in the $7.99 range.


If just watching sports doesn’t do it for you, give PlayUp a shot. Not only can you keep up with the latest scores and game news, but you can also compare notes and chat in an online community. This free app has a slew of resident experts in various sports and leagues, and it hosts regular Q&A sessions. If you’d rather connect with fellow fans, join the forum for your favorite team and chat about everything from players to draft rumors. Debate yellow cards, commiserate about missed goals, and celebrate wins with other fans online.


If you’d rather play than watch, Nike+ is a great choice. This free app keeps track of the length and time of your runs and helps you work toward personal goals. From progress tracking to friendly competition, this iOS app will keep you motivated. Sharing is fully integrated into Nike+, so you can show off your run times, and you can even create a competition with friends. If you need help with training, Nike+ is there for you, and if you want to capture a triumphant moment, the app lets you share a photo on your favorite social media platforms.

From live streaming and industry analysis to team chat, these apps have your favorite sports covered. Download them to your iOS device, and keep track of up-to-the-minute scores, stats, and rankings for your team or fantasy league.