Crooked Currents: Get Rickard-ed

It’s been a minute since we’ve lavished you with some fantasy baseball insight, but that’s only because your boy Crook’ didn’t want to add to the pile of overreactive early season pieces penned by two-bit hacks. Instead, I gave it a couple weeks, took a deep breath, and then decided to take inventory of things I’ve been […]

Fantasy Baseball Cheat Sheet 2016

I much prefer the auction format, but it’s silly to release a “price value” list for auction players as price points vary wildly from auction to auction. Instead, I’m releasing my top 548 players for classic 5×5 formats. Keep in mind that position eligibility discrepancies are posted based on the Yahoo! format. Rank Player 1 Carlos Correa 2 […]

Funniest & Best Fantasy Baseball Team Names 2016

Let’s face it, really hilarious fantasy baseball team names are difficult to come up with. So rather than waste precious time trying to come up with names yourself, why not let ole’ Kid Clutch do it for you? Below are the best fantasy baseball team names for the 2016 season. They are also the funniest […]