Awesome Excuses to Avoid Wearing a Condom

After blessing y’all with some valuable excuses for missing work, I figured it was time to come back and provide you with essential gift of gab techniques to avoid wearing the most wretched piece of fashion ever created: a condom. Sure they prevent STDs and children, blah blah blah. What people fail to mention is […]

Why I Can No Longer Celebrate 4/20 :(

4/20 used to be a lovely day where I would get together with friends and celebrate the pseudo-holiday. Alas, those glory days are gone, and there is one simple reason for why I can no longer celebrate 4/20… my stupid cunt wife. Oh it’s not entirely her fault I guess. She means well. After all, adulthood and […]

Awesome Excuses For Missing Work

Work, ammaright?!?! Here are things you can say on the phone to get out of it, in order of most effective: “My (family member/friend) died” Ole’ reliable. When you use this excuse, work contacts won’t really bring it up with you later (and if they do, it will be an brief and easy conversation to handle). The key is […]

Lady Foam: Origins & Theory

What is Lady Foam? In this scientific essay, we’ll break down the origins and theory surrounding this curious slice (or, foment) of science. Origins The vagina. Lady foam starts in the vagina. It usually develops during sexual arousal, but what separates “foaming” from simple lubrication is the color and thickness. A lubricated, or “wet,” vagina has a sort […]