Tempo free Tuesday

your guide to the tempo free interwebs

Drew Cannon wrties about his Grand Unified Point Guard Theory and applies it to Kendall Marshall, Aaron Craft, Jordan Taylor and Seth Curry.

And John Gasaway responds that theory.

The Bob Cousy nominee list came out and Big Apple Buckets discusses the New York City point guards on that list.

Ken Pomeroy always saves his best for BYU, and here is a really great look at their game with Baylor.

The Mikan Drills breaks down the offensive tendencies of Deshaun Thomas.

Inside the Hall likes Indiana’s 11-0 start, but points out that they have a lot of work to do.

Corey Schmidt reaches into his hat and pulls out West Virginia, Ohio and Georgia State. He then discusses them. He also broke down the shooting in the Summit League in order to determine what “average” really meant.

Luke Winn has the best power rankings in town. Here’s the most recent version.

The boys of HoopSpeakU discuss a number of topics including the impact of mid-season newcomers, and the suckitude of the Pac 12.

CJ Moore provides some insight into why Kansas lost to Davidson.

Your weekly Horizon League power rankings.

Everyteam should have a blog as good as this one.