Calipari to the NBA rumors get a kickstart

Two weeks ago Kentucky fans were hyping the dream class turning into a perfect season. That perfect season lasted all of two games before they lost to Michigan State on a neutral floor. Now fans have their goals set on 39-1, but there is about to be a little distraction. CBS is reporting that John […]

Conference re-boot: Favorites entering league play

The new year is upon us, the out of conference play has been (mostly) finished. League play is beginning. So how have the conference favorites – using Ken Pomeroy as a gauge – changed since opening tip seven weeks ago? The American Then: Louisville (Preseason Pomeroy No. 1) Now: Louisville (Current Pomeroy No. 1) Atlantic […]

What we learned at the Diamond Head Classic

Iowa State The winners of the Diamond Head Classic are now 11-0 and have a fantastic resume. They were ranked No. 14, and should already have been ranked in the top 10. If you can explain how Duke or Louisville have better resumes, I'm all ears. That's the good news. The bad news is that […]

Inside the box score: FSU 106, Charlotte 62

1. FSU forced 19 turnovers, which was 25% of Charlotte's possessions. That's the sixth time in 10 games this year that FSU has forced at least a 25% turnover rate. For the season FSU has turned teams over on 21.3% of their possessions, which is slightly behind FSU's offensive turnover rate of 22%. 2. Aaron […]

Kentucky vs the Fab 5

Michigan's 1991 recruiting class – for better or worse – has long been the standard bearer for hoops recruiting. They had it all. Four of the five were McDonald's All Americans. They were brash. They were good. They became a symbol for a changing game. They even had their own nickname – the Fab 5. Now, […]

Confirmation Bias: or, why Duke is No. 8

The new AP and USA Today polls were released today and Duke was No. 8 in both polls. This caused Jay Bilas to tweet out a "stat not often considered," by which I assume he means it is a fact that is mentioned every single time Duke takes the court. Stat not often considered: Tonight, […]

Top 25 for Dec 16

Not much movement this week, as good teams largely avoided good teams due to finals week. Arizona was bumped from No. 4 to No. 2 after their wins over New Mexico State and Michigan. Kentuck was dropped as they've played three teams in Pomeroy's top 50 and lost all three. Their best wins are neutral […]

Toledo: the unknown undefeated

Saturday saw nine of the nation's 14 undefeated teams take the court, and all of them won. Arizona won at Michigan. Oregon beat Illinois. UMass cruised once again. These teams are getting press, and deservedly so. But scroll down the list of box scores and you'll see 'Toledo: 9-0'. Not many people outside the MAC […]

Remembering the ’77 Evansville Aces

It was on this day in 1977 that a plane crashed on takeoff from the Evansville Regional Airport. On that plane was the Evansville basketball team, who were traveling to play Middle Tennessee State. There were 3 crew members on the DC-3 airplane, and 26 passengers. Everyone was killed. It was later determined that the […]

Inside the boxscore: Kentucky 70, Boise State 55

1. The loss was Boise State's first of the season, which now leaves 14 undefeated teams. The only undefeated team left on Kentucky's schedule is Missouri, though the odds are astronomically bad that the Tigers will survive until that February 1st game without a loss. 2. Julius Randle, who tops our freshman of the year […]

Freshman of the Year Power Rankings

For December 10 1. Julius Randle, Kentucky (17.9 ppg, 12.0 rpg, 115.2 oRtg) Back to back games without a double double? What in the what? Randle is in the top 5 in the SEC in both offensive and defensive rebounding %. He's also drawing 8.2 fouls per 40, which is 2nd best in the conference. […]

Top 25 for Dec 9

When the AP poll is released later today, Arizona will be No. 1. The reason they're No. 1 is that they were No. 2 last week, and No. 1 lost. It doesn't matter how they played (they struggled at home against a meh UNLV team), all it matters is that they won, thereby confirming how […]

Using win shares to evaluate the remaining undefeated teams

Most college basketball fans intuitively understand win shares. Football guys freak out when their team loses, whereas basketball guys understand that teams lose. Even if a team is projected to be favored in every remaining game, as Wichita State currently is, that doesn't mean they'll go undefeated. In fact, the odds are overwhelmingly against them […]

Deja vu: Baylor exposes Kentucky’s flaws

For the 2nd straight season Kentucky has suffered an early December loss vs Baylor. Last year's game featured Kentucky only making half their FTs, and only making four 3-pointers. These were two problems which would plague the Wildcats for the duration of the season as Kentucky finished 313th in the nation in FT%, and 290th […]