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Ken Pomeroy has begun his annual Monte Carlo style conference previews in which he simulates 10,000 seasons to determine who might win the regular season titles. So he’s saying Tennessee has a chance, while Syracuse is looking pretty solid in the Big East. New York Buckets is taking a similar approach.

The folks at 900 Irving also take a broad look at the Big East with a Syracuse focus. And FRIARBLOG provides a very entertaining preview of the Big East season.

Miss out on Christmas day hoops? Basketball Predictions has you covered.

A few sites (Run the Floor included) have been tracking individual defensive possessions in order to get a handle on that end of the floor. One of the stranger findings in the young season was Anthony Davis’s impact – or lack thereof – on Kentucky’s defense. While those numbers are changing quickly (in Davis’s favor) it didn’t stop several folks in the Twitterverse from arguing about what it meant. Basketball Prospectus explains why everyoen was both right and wrong.

What did the top-25 programs have on their Christmas wish list? HoopSpeakU got a secret peak at Santa’s cart.

The Mikan Drill breaks down an inbounds play which helped Long Beach State score against Kansas State.

I’m sure you already know this, but Vance Hall has the 13th best offensive rating in the Horizon League. See the rest of the top-20 here.

The latest Luke Winn power rankings have all the usual ingredients: pretty colors, video, access to data we all wished we could afford, and excellent writing.

Summit Madness is wrapping up everyones non-conference schedule. You can find them all on his site. Here’s Oral Roberts. Dylan Burkhardt did the same for the Big Ten.