This week in extreme voting: Jon Wilner, San Jose Mercury News

As always, thanks to Pollspeak for providing the ballots.

Lousiville: At No. 2, I have no problem with this. Yes, it's higher than almost everyone else, but their only loss is to No. 1 Duke. Now Percy Allen, there's a problem.

Butler: Wilner is the only voter who has Butler ranked higher than 13th. Butler got shellacked by unranked Xavier and also lost to Illinois. He has them higher than Syracuse, who is unbeaten, and has a win over his No. 12 San Diego State (more on them in a second). He also has then higher than Cincinnati (10-0) and Kansas (8-1) and the Jayhawks have wins against five of Pomeroy's top 100.

San Diego State: The only thing San Diego State has done to warrant being ranked is to get clobbered by his No. 10 (Syracuse). Otherwise their best win is over the same UCLA team that got beaten at home by Cal Poly.

NC State: Their only valuable win is over Connecticut, who Wilner has at No. 22. The challenges within that logic are somewhat obvious: 1) Wilner is the ONLY voter to have Connecticut ranked, and 2) he has NC State significantly ahead of Oklahama State (8-1, with a convincing destruction of NC State), Cincinnati (10-0) and Gonzaga (10-1 with six top 100 wins and their only loss to the team he has at No. 8).

Missouri: No real issues with him having Mizzou where he does.