Foot on the line or not, man wins car with a half court shot

Buzzer beaters. 2s vs 3s. In these cases refs are more often opting to just make a call on the court, and then immediately head to the scorer's table to review it. Then everyone on Twitter debates on whether or not they got the call right.

Monday night was no different. A shooter in the Fairfield vs Loyola (MD) took a shot and potentially had his toe on the line. At stake was the game a new car.

John Queenan was summoned from the crowd to take the shot, which he made. Since the car was at the arena you'd think that he could have driven it home.

But this is America. This is a car. Somebody call the insurance company.

Officials at the insurance company are currently reviewing the tape before making their decision.

Leo Karl, the President of Karl Chevy, doesn't care about the tape or whether his foot was on the line. He's giving him the car regardless. The world needs more guys like him around.