Former Kentucky star pleads not guilty

As one of the "Unforgettables," Richie Farmer forever has his place in Kentucky lore. He was one of the four players who stuck with the program after it was nearly dismantled following major recruiting violations by Eddie Sutton. But now Farmer is facing violations of another sort.

As the Agricultural Commissioner in Kentucky, Farmer has had a bit of a checkered career. First, he refused the mandated furlough days in 2011, because he "didn't believe in furloughs." He's since repaid the State for that portion of his salary.

He was criticized for billing a $1,600 hotel room bill to tax payers while he attended the Final Four. And then he later tried to claim unemployment compensation for his $110,000 salary, and he gave his girlfriend a $60,000 dollar job as his assistant.

But now, things are getting more serious. Following an investigation by the FBI, Farmer was indicted on corruption charges, and could face up to 10 years in prison and he faces a potential fine in excess of a million dollars.

He pled not guilty and now will get ready for a trial.