Steve Alford to sit out a season, per NCAA rules

Unless you live under a rock then you know that there is a transfer epidemic in college basketball, and frankly, the NCAA doesn't penalize these people enough. The transfers currently – unless there are remarkable extenuating circumstances – only have to sit out one season. Perversely, their new teams still have to pay them while they're sitting. Room, board, classes. It's all covered.

This, even though they aren't earning a penny for their new institution.

But, cynics will say, NCAA basketball is a multi-billion dollar industry. They can afford to buy kids books and pay their tuition. Blah blah blah.

Call it the handout generation, and it makes me sick.

The newest worker to transfer is the former New Mexico head coach Steve Alford who just 10 days ago signed a contract extension through 2023 with New Mexico. Now, he's walking away from that contract and transferring to UCLA where he'll become the new head coach.

I should disclose that I haven't actually looked at the NCAA transfer rules when it comes to different tiers of the pay scale, but it's safe to assume that Alford will have to sit out at least one year before assuming his new position. The question is whether or not the penalty is stiff enough.

Stay tuned.