Top 25 for Dec 9

When the AP poll is released later today, Arizona will be No. 1. The reason they're No. 1 is that they were No. 2 last week, and No. 1 lost. It doesn't matter how they played (they struggled at home against a meh UNLV team), all it matters is that they won, thereby confirming how smart everyone was who had them at No. 2. So everyone slides them up.

The reason this is a problem is that it puts more weight on how good voters THOUGHT a team was going to be prior to anyone playing any games. Rankings should be about resumes, but very few voters will move teams down (or keep them in the same slot) when they struggle, but win. And very few voters will jump a team which they had undervalued in the preseason over a bunch of other teams after several good wins.

Anyway, here's my vote for this week.

1. Syracuse (9-0). Next: Sun at St. John's

2. Villanova (9-0). Sun vs La Salle

3. Wisconsin (10-0). Next: Wed. vs Milwaukee

4. Arizona (9-0). Next: Wed vs New Mexico State

5. Ohio State (8-0). Next: Wed vs Bryant

6. Wichita State (9-0). Next: Sat vs Tennessee

7. Michigan State (7-1). Next: Sat vs Oakland

8. Louisville (8-1). Next: Sat vs Western Kentucky

9. Connecticut (8-0). Next: Wed vs Stanford

10. Kansas (6-2). Next: Tue at No. 22 Florida

11. Pittsburgh (9-0). Next: Sat vs Youngstown State

12. Oklahoma State (8-1). Next: Sat vs LA Tech

13. Massachussetts  (8-0). Next: Sat vs Northern Illinois

14. Baylor (8-1). Next: Wed vs Northwestern State

15. Iowa State (7-0). Next: Fri vs No. 18 Iowa

16. Kentucky (7-2). Next.: Tue vs Boise State

17.  Memphis (6-1). Next: Fri vs Arkansas Little Rock

18. Iowa (9-1). Next: Mon vs Farleigh Dickinson

19. Duke (7-2). Next: Mon vs Gardner Webb

20. Oregon (8-0). Next: Sat vs Illinois

21. North Carolina (6-2). Next: Sat vs No. 16 Kentucky

22. Florida (6-2). Next: Tue vs No. 10 Kansas

23. Gonzaga (8-1). Next: Tue at West Virginia

24. New Mexico (7-1). Next: Sat vs No. 10 Kansas

25. Colorado (9-1). Next: Fri vs Elon

Dropped out: Dayton, San Diego State