Snaer Italy

Where have all the players gone?

On Friday we presented the potentially insane brilliant reddit user who is compiling the schedule of every team in college basketball into one spreadsheet. And this isn't football with one hundred and whatever teams each playing 12 times. In hoops there are 351 teams, and they play over 30 games a piece.

Today's epic spreadsheet compilation came across my desk from a Twitter user named Mark Porcaro. What he's done is to compile a database of 4,000+ international basketball players, and list where they were in 2012-13, and where they are this season.

Did you know that Tim Abromaitis is playing in France? Or that Michael Snaer is playing in Italy?

And since it's a spreadsheet, the whole thing is sortable.

In addition to the international players, it lists each NBA team's roster (along with plenty of data for each player). Another tab shows which international players have their rights owned by NBA teams.

There's a ton of stuff available, so check it out.