Calipari to the NBA rumors get a kickstart

Two weeks ago Kentucky fans were hyping the dream class turning into a perfect season. That perfect season lasted all of two games before they lost to Michigan State on a neutral floor. Now fans have their goals set on 39-1, but there is about to be a little distraction. CBS is reporting that John Calipari could be offered the New York Knicks job, and that the bidding will start around $8 million with total control.

If history is any predictor of things to come, Calipari will deny that he’s doing anything but staying in Kentucky. After all, he has a recruiting class to land, a team to coach, etc… and he doesn’t need any distractions.  That’s what agents are for. The Kentucky worry will be that even though Calipari has denied any interest, people will be exploring things behind the scenes. It can’t hurt to look, right? If you want to wager on his chances of re-joining the NBA, and you certainly can, you can find NBA betting lines here.

It’s not like college basketball doesn’t have a long line of contracted coaches saying one thing and doing another. Just this past offseason New Mexico head coach Steve Alford signed a ten year extension, and then took the UCLA job a couple of weeks later. Words are one thing. Piles of money are another.

Who knows how this will play out, but at minimum it will be another distraction in Big Blue Nation. Of course, at Kentucky, everything is under the microscope and they’re used to distractions. Back to 39and1.