NFL mock draft following free agency frenzy

The 2016 NFL draft is exactly a month away. The roster shuffling of the free-agent signing period has mostly subsided, and the big boards in draft headquarters around the NFL have shifted based on what happened in free agency. The Eagles and Dolphins made a trade involving the eighth and 13th picks, and even though […]

NFL Mock Draft heading into free agency

The 2016 NFL draft begins April 28 in Chicago. While NFL teams hit the free agent market this week, the draft is where teams really can build long-term success. With a little less than two months to go before Roger Goodell takes the podium in the Windy City, here’s a look at how the draft […]

Final Three-Round Mock Draft: Updated Picks, Predictions & Stock Updates

Only three days remain until the 2014 NFL Draft is slated to kick off, but there is still much uncertainty as to how it will all play out. Players like Teddy Bridgewater are watching their stocks dwindle, while rapid-risers like Tom Savage are (somehow) shooting up draft boards. There is no telling exactly how teams […]

Two-Round Mock Draft: Picks, Analysis & Potential Draft Day Trades

The 2014 NFL Draft is two weeks later than when the event traditionally took place in late-April. That means two more weeks of mock drafts. With all the information buzzing around, it’s hard enough to predict which players will go to what team. It’s even harder to predict trades. These deals can blow up even the […]

NFL Mock Draft: How The Entire First Round Will Play Out (Free Agency Edition)

As the 2014 NFL Draft approaches with free agency already underway, 32 front offices are shuffling their boards around as they scramble to fill their most pressing needs. Franchises differ in their approach to team building. Some teams elect to fill voids in free agency—choosing to spend lavishly on outside options—while others save their money […]

2014 NFL Mock Draft, Pre-Combine Edition

With the 2014 NFL Combine’s events slated to kick off on Saturday, the first round of the NFL Draft is beginning to take shape. Because of an abnormal amount of junior declarations, this draft may be the deepest draft ever, which only give teams more flexibility in the first round. If they fail to address a […]