Grading Each NFL Team’s Performance in the Draft

The 2014 NFL Draft is in the books and it was certainly an interesting process for everyone involved. From reaches to steals, a number of players were drafted where they shouldn’t have been. And 32 different opinions on NFL hopefuls were on display for three days at Radio City Music Hall. Now that it’s all […]

What’d We Learn From The 2014 NFL Draft?

Fans and media alike were glued to their TV sets during the 2014 NFL Draft, as they were witnesses to numerous surprising moves, emotional reactions and shocking picks. Much uncertainty surrounded one of the deepest and most talented draft classes of all-time, and no one knew what to expect heading in. And the first round […]

Which NFL Teams Vastly Upgraded Their Rosters Through The Draft

After three months of analysis and three days of the actual event, the 2014 NFL draft is behind us. No more infinite mock draft permutations. There is now only one board, and the names in each slot will never change. Some teams will look back and wish the names could change, but not every team. […]

Most Surprising Moves Made in the Second and Third Rounds

The first two days of the 2014 NFL Draft are in the books, and only one more remains. But the good news is, the later the draft round, the less predictable it becomes as we see the wild discrepancy between each team’s Big Board and the pundits’ mock drafts. While some of the draft’s more heralded prospects […]

Best, Worst Moves Made in Day Two of The Draft

After an entertaining first round of the 2014 NFL Draft, Day Two lived up to the hype and didn’t disappoint on Friday evening. Football fans witnessed a solid four hours of trades, value selections, reaches and steals. After Day One featured runs on wide receivers and safeties, running backs finally saw their names called and […]

Best, Worst Moves Made In Day One of The Draft

The first round of the 2014 draft is now in the books. It wasn’t hard to figure out that the Houston Texans would draft Jadeveon Clowney with the first overall pick. And there weren’t many other surprises in the top half of the first round, at least in terms of the position where players were […]

Biggest Surprises From Day One of The Draft

Surprises are to be expected during the draft, and 2014 was pegged as a year that would feature many of them. If that was what fans were looking for in Day 1 of this year’s draft, then they certainly got their fill. There were five trades in the first round, with the Cleveland Browns involved […]

Which NFL Teams Are Primed to Make a Move and Trade Up, Down?

The perfect storm of elements is hitting the NFL community thanks to polarizing views on quarterback prospects. For this draft in particular, many teams can qualify as logical candidates to potentially trade in the early rounds. I am not attempting to predict every trade, but to highlight some teams that are in sensible positions to […]

5 NFL Draft Prospects Whose Stocks Are Rapidly Falling

Traditionally, there have always been a few players who were considered top NFL prospects heading into draft week that get stuck waiting to hear their names called. Even Aaron Rodgers had to watch Alex Smith, Troy Williamson and Matt Jones as they were selected before he was. But do their stocks drop because of their […]

The One Biggest Question For Each NFL Team Heading Into the Draft

Super Bowl contenders and cellar dwellers alike are looking to improve their rosters when the 2014 NFL Draft kicks off on Thursday. Each team, no matter their situation, has needs they must address before they can even think about taking the field to prepare for the upcoming season. Here’s a look at the biggest questions […]

A Look Back: Recapping The 2013 NFL Draft’s Biggest Blunders

It’s hard not to come off a bit smug in picking apart a team’s draft from the prior offseason. We don’t want to be “that guy,” but we do want to highlight which NFL teams fared better than others. There were some puzzling moves made in the 2013 draft that caused us to scratch our […]

Who Are the Draft’s Most Dynamic, Game-changing Prospects?

The 2014 NFL draft class is loaded with explosive, game-changing players, from top to bottom. And while it’d be easy to write up a piece articulating how dynamic sure-to-be-drafted-on-Day-1 players like Johnny Manziel and Jadeveon Clowney are, I decided to focus on some of the lesser-known prospects. Make no mistake: Just because they may not […]

Final Three-Round Mock Draft: Updated Picks, Predictions & Stock Updates

Only three days remain until the 2014 NFL Draft is slated to kick off, but there is still much uncertainty as to how it will all play out. Players like Teddy Bridgewater are watching their stocks dwindle, while rapid-risers like Tom Savage are (somehow) shooting up draft boards. There is no telling exactly how teams […]

5 Underrated Draft Prospects NFL Teams Should Take Flyers On

Everyone knows the stars of the 2014 NFL Draft class—Jadeveon Clowney, Johnny Manziel, Sammy Watkins, Greg Robinson and the like. For the most part, analysts may not project them as sure-thing superstars, but they have high expectations for them at the pro level. But there are a number of players being overlooked for a variety […]

Two-Round Mock Draft: Picks, Analysis & Potential Draft Day Trades

The 2014 NFL Draft is two weeks later than when the event traditionally took place in late-April. That means two more weeks of mock drafts. With all the information buzzing around, it’s hard enough to predict which players will go to what team. It’s even harder to predict trades. These deals can blow up even the […]

Which NFL-Ready Draft Prospects Can Start Immediately at the Pro Level?

When scouting prospects, one must always look toward the future. It’s important to focus on where a prospect will be in three years—projecting the growth they will make and noting areas they can improve in. The first round has always featured the most prolific athletes who are expected to be immediate starters. The first 32 […]