Chris Pratt and Chris Evans had a great Twitter “war”

It’s great when superheroes profess their love for their favorite sports teams.

And with Super Bowl XLIX just around the corner, Seattle Seahawks and New England Patriots fans are currently gearing up to watch their respective teams on the big stage. Among them are two superheroes.

Chris Prattaka “Star-Lord”is a Seahawks fan. And Chris Evansaka “Captain America”roots for the Patriots. So of course the two actors had to have some fun at each other’s expense on Twitter, leading up to the big game.

Evans got the trash talking started earlier in the week, but Pratt hit him with a clever reply.

Evans then upped the stakes and put his money where his mouth was. Pratt responded and named his terms for the proposed bet between the two of the them regarding the outcome of Super Bowl XLIX.

Evans accepted. And Pratt then replied with a great zinger about “DeflateGate.”

It was fun to watch the two actors flex their comedic muscles during that exchange. And it’s great to see that the kids at Christopher’s Haven or Seattle Children’s Hospital will get a surprise visit from a superhero.

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