Hockey fan climbs boards to run on ice during game, falls

An OHL game between the Mississauga Steelheads and Guelph Storm Wednesday was normal until a fan decided to impersonate Spider-Man and climb the boards.

To the guy’s credit, he got over and onto the ice rather gracefully.

The fall was anything but:

This wasn’t some wild security issue where guys stormed onto the ice, slid around and tackled the culprit like fans would see during an NFL game.

No, players just laughed about it instead:

It’s a funny moment, though would-be copycats probably shouldn’t get any ideas just because this one went down without incident—the fan will still have to deal with repercussions even though he escaped getting a hockey stick upside the head.

The guy wrecking himself on the ice was the best part, but also just the beginning of his problems after climbing the boards.

Chris Roling

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