Steve Smith: I could run as fast as Peyton Manning on one leg

Even on one leg, Baltimore Ravens wide receiver Steve Smith Sr. is confident he’s faster than Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning. Not even Manning’s 12-yard scramble in the AFC championship game could change his mind.

Smith, who is rehabbing from an Achilles injury, said on The Dan Patrick Show last week “it’d be a photo finish” if he and Manning ran a race. Manning legged out a first down in the third quarter against the New England Patriots on Jan. 24— his longest postseason run since 2000.

“When they put up that display of Peyton Manning running for a first down, oh my …” Smith laughed. “But that is the traditional quarterback and Peyton Manning and Tom Brady have made that who they are. They’ve owned that. They have made the example of how you do it that way.”

On Sunday, Manning will be making the fourth Super Bowl start of his career, tying him with Terry Bradshaw, Joe Montana, Roger Staubach and Jim Kelly for the third-most all-time. The 39-year-old quarterback rarely tucks it and runs, but in a big game all bets are off.

Marcelo Villa

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