Von Miller calls out Travis Kelce on Twitter

Denver Broncos linebacker Von Miller is not one to back down from a challenge. In fact, he welcomes them.

So when Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce attempted to block him on a running play during Thursday night’s Broncos-Chiefs game, Miller was up to the task.

It started when Jamaal Charles rushed for a short gain. Kelce tried blocking Miller on the play, but the All-Pro LB was not having it. Miller took the 260-pound Kelce and threw him to the ground (which shows just how strong he really is).

But it didn’t end there. Miller took to Twitter after the game and called Kelce a “fake Gronk.”

While it’s unclear exactly what initially set Miller off, it’s clear that he’s not a big fan of Kelce. We’ll soon see if the Chiefs tight end responds to the tweet.

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