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A Look at Online Gambling in 2019

The online gambling industry boasts of being a pioneer in adopting new technologies. Whether it is video gaming designs, marketing or payment systems, online casinos don’t shy away from embracing technology. So, what awaits of the industry in 2019?

Mobile Gaming

The popularity of mobile gaming surpassed that of console and PC gaming in 2016. Things are not likely to change in 2019 as more casinos continue to take their services to Android and iPhone users. As mobile phones continue becoming popular with users, more casino users will spend time gaming on their smartphones.

Throughout 2018, there has been a lot of focus on mobile gaming technologies. Investors are pledging large sums of money to advance online casinos on mobile platforms. Play stores are actively encouraging the use of gaming apps and casinos no longer charge players to join.

Multiplayer and Social Features

Like mobile gaming, the growth of social and multiplayer gaming in online casinos only began a few years ago. But now, multiplayer and social gaming has become an integral part of the industry that may shape its future.

Traditionally, gaming was considered to be something for the socially awkward. These days, almost everyone loves gaming online. Friends combine efforts to play slots or compete against one another in table games. With the growing demand, expect more games on Facebook and other social media platforms. Real-time gaming and interaction will also become more common.

More Technology Driven

Online casinos have been reliant on technology since day one. From simple 2D graphics in the 1990s to 3G graphics, Virtual reality and augmented reality in 2018, the industry wouldn’t be around without technology.

While a lot can change within one year when it comes to technology, don’t expect much to change in that area. The technologies currently being experimented in 2018 will likely be advanced in 2019 without newer technologies coming up. Augmented and virtual reality technologies will lead the way in the types of technologies driving the industry.

When it comes to payments, cryptocurrency casinos will continue to grow. The best online casinos already support cryptocurrency payments. Surprisingly, most of these companies are established platforms that came long before the advent of bitcoins. They are the most popular in the industry and offer great services.

Sports Betting

Sports betting was once a small segment of the large online gaming industry. As of 2018, online sports betting contributes at least 30% of the online gambling industry. While the market share won’t jump by much, the industry is bound to grow in the next one year.

The UK leads the world in providing online sports betting services but the US may soon take that sport. At least five US states have legalized online gambling, and more are studying the environment. In a country with an estimated $150 billion worth of illegal sports betting activities, legalizing the industry could mean a lot to its growth.

New Jersey, Delaware, Nevada, Mississippi, New York, and Pennsylvania are expected to headline news in 2019 for legalizing sports betting. Nothing is official so far and some of the states may choose to legalize land-based betting over Internet-based. Either way, expect the sports betting to grow in popularity in the coming one year.

eSports Betting and Competitions

Electronic sports are now more popular than ever before. Sure, almost everyone speaking about the sport refers to PC and console video games like FIFA and Dota 2. But competitive sports playing in the online gambling industry is gaining popularity.

Some of the largest casinos around the world have been holding eSports tournaments for players from all corners of the world for a while. Some tournaments are held in front of live audiences and winners earn millions of dollars.

Besides competitions, online gambling sites are competing to support eSports betting. If you are a fan of the industry, look forward to seeing more eSports on your favorite gambling sites. With the help of social betting and fantasy betting, eSports will continue to grow in the coming years.

More Casinos

If there is one thing 2018 has taught us it’s that casino players don’t shy away from embracing new platforms if they have better services. The most established platform has nothing to worry about as long as they offer good services.

However, startups are finding it easier to find new markets more than ever before. Players are no longer skeptical about new sites if they can prove their legitimacy. Providing a license, proving their games are fair and good practices can now turn a new platform into a large site.

Of course, established platforms aren’t ready to lose their market share for new companies. That means competition is bound to be even rifer in 2019. While it may mean the closure of some platform, it’s good news to players. Stiffer competition means online casinos will be aggressive if retaining their customer, even if it means paying out more to players.

Bigger Bonuses, Better Services

As history shows, the online gambling industry has been growing for the better since the 1990s. In the early days, casinos were expensive and inaccessible to most people. Support services were poor and scam casinos reached a peak in the mid-2000s.

Things have since changed and players admit the industry has changed for the better. Whether it is payment methods or withdrawal services, the best casinos offer satisfactory services. Of course, not all gambling services offer good services. But every year, the best platforms like show players why they should continue being loyal with big bonuses, multiple ways to win and better games.

Any online casino that aims to survive the growing competition in 2019 will have to be properly managed. Processing wins will become easier and will take shorter than ever before. Reaching out to support staff will improve and mobile apps will offer the same great playing experience as PC computers.

To Conclude

Online casinos have come a long way since they were first introduced in the 1990s. At first, the industry took small strides in growth and development. Between the 2000s and early 2010s, the industry exploded in growth. While a lot could change in 2019, the industry is expected to only grow in areas that became popular in 2018. Expect more mobile casinos, better services, and higher competition in the industry.