The Oakland Raiders might be better off in San Antonio

Even though it makes fiscal and logical sense, the Oakland Raiders continue to be stubborn regarding a potential move into a shared stadium with the San Francisco 49ers. And in what is more than likely a tactical bluff with local government, owner Mark Davis has met with officials from the city of San Antonio regarding […]


Is Adam Vinatieri a Hall of Famer?

That was a question posed this week on Reddit, and I couldn’t help but share my opinion in this spot. That’s because I continue to be very conflicted when it comes to allowing pure special-teamers into the Pro Football Hall of Fame. So few spots are available on an annual basis and it feels as […]


Do the Saints have the NFL’s best safety tandem in the making?

If one were asked to name the best starting safety tandem in the NFL right now, the most likely answer you’d expect to hear would be Earl Thomas and Kam Chancellor of the Seattle Seahawks. Not only did the Seahawks win the Super Bowl behind what can only be described as the best defense we’ve […]


Upon Further Review: Why the Pro Football Hall of Fame is located in Canton

“Upon further review” is a recurring segment in which This Given Sunday analyzes quirks and fascinating tidbits from the NFL’s history books.  The Hockey Hall of Fame is — rather fittingly — located in Toronto. Basketball’s Hall of Fame is located in the birthplace of that game, Springfield, Mass. But as the NFL world converges […]


Chip Kelly is right about the draft being overhyped

At the risk of biting one of the hands that feeds me as an NFL writer, I can’t help but admit that Philadelphia Eagles head coach Chip Kelly is bang-on in regard to his view of the NFL draft. Here’s what Kelly told Peter King of the MMQB Saturday: What’s the worst thing about the […]


Some key NFL players already out for the season

Training camp has started league wide and already we’re receiving the unfortunate news of some players being out for the season. As an NFL fan you know the bad news is coming, it’s the nature of the beast, you just hope it’s not a critical player for the team you root for. Even then, your […]


The top 25 most memorable plays in NFL history

Just as the NFL’s unofficial summer vacation wraps up, we want to keep things macro for one final big-picture look at the NFL history books with a completely subjective summary of what we feel are the 25 most memorable plays in football history. A few rules. First, we’re restricting this to the Super Bowl era. […]


The NFL’s 10 most tortured fan bases

Last week, we looked at the NFL teams that enjoyed/dealt with the biggest and worst home-field advantages. This week, we follow that up with a look at the fan bases that have been most tortured over time. 1. Buffalo Bills: This is what happens when you lose four consecutive Super Bowls and when you go […]


In comments on Michael Sam, Tony Dungy is failing to look at the big picture

Yes, when Tony Dungy stated over the weekend that he wouldn’t have drafted openly-gay NFL rookie Michael Sam because “things will happen,” he was — somewhat refreshingly — breaking from the media status quo and saying something publicly that a lot of NFL front-office types have said privately and/or off the record. What Dungy was […]


Video: NFL rookies react to their Madden ratings

The connection between the NFL fraternity and the Madden video game empire is deep and fascinating. That’s because most of these guys grow up playing the game, and then all of a sudden they’re — wait for it — in the game! So EA Sports had the brilliant idea of taping rookies as they predicted, […]


Which NFL teams have the best/worst home-field advantage?

Let’s be real: Good teams are good teams at home and bad teams are bad teams at home. But some good teams are better at home, and some are worse, while some bad teams are worse at home, and some are better. In order to establish which teams have benefited the most (and least) from […]

Cam Newton

5 under-the-radar players who could rise as MVP contenders in 2014

Peyton Manning. Aaron Rodgers. Tom Brady. Adrian Peterson. The usual suspects when it comes to the NFL MVP discussion. But what about some dark horses or sleepers? Let’s look at five under-the-radar players who have legitimate chances to emerge as MVP contenders this season.   Nick Foles The NFL’s top-rated passer in 2013 was Nick […]


The 10 most underrated players in the NFL

After causing quite a stir by listing the ten most overrated players in the league, it’s only fair that we share players that are not put in the spotlight but deserve to be, as well. When a player is put on a pedestal by the media, part of it is marketing, part of it is […]