Jets circus continues

  Another day, another ridiculous story out of Jets camp.  The media spin that surrounds the Jets is truly something to behold with Tebow in town, and a few weeks ago the scorn turned towards the right tackle of all people. Wayne Hunter was struggling in camp, that was no question, but it suddenly became […]

Playing For Pride: Ranking The Motivations Of The NFL’s Also-Rans

Only three of twelve playoff spots are still open, and only a handful of teams have hopes of filling them. For the rest of the NFL, a long lonely winter approaches with only this weekend’s games left to salvage any last shreds of pride. But who’s got that much pride left? And how much does […]

Talk Is Cheap; Just Play The Game

Rex Ryan has become the poster boy in the NFL for trash talk. He’s been predicting a Jets Super Bowl since showing up in New York, and he’s yet to deliver on those prophesies. While it’s still unclear whether anyone is still taking what Ryan says seriously, that doesn’t stop him from rubbing his opponents […]

For Colts and Rams, The Last Game Is The Last Chance to Improve

For many teams playoff seedings, berths and home field advantage. Division titles are on the line in both the NFC and AFC West and the number 1 overall seed in the AFC is on the line. Yet the most anticipated outcome is one involving the NFL’s only two-win teams. For the St. Louis Rams and […]

9 NFL Records That Will Never Be Broken

On Monday Night Football, Drew Brees broke Dan Marino’s 27 year old record for most passing yards in a season with an extra game to spare.  If Brees plays the distance against Carolina on Sunday, he’ll end up shattering Marino’s previous mark of 5,084.  Even though passing numbers have been going through the roof this […]

Suck For Luck Race By Colts And Rams Could Spark NFL Free-For-All

While several teams around the league had to throw out their Kleenex from the tears due to Matt Barkley rejoining USC, there is new hope in the Suck For Luck sweepstakes. The impossible has happened and the Colts have now won back to back games. The Colts currently sit at 2-13 along with the St […]

The Detroit Lions Are Building A Long-Term Winner

After crushing the resurgent Chargers this week, the Lions clinched their first playoff birth since 1999. This was not a total shock to the league, as Detroit has put together a solid young roster, and with Matt Stafford staying healthy for the whole year, a playoff spot was well within their grasp. But what many […]

Matthew Stafford Snubbed From The Pro Bowl

When you look at the NFC’s Pro Bowl roster, it’s hard to argue against any of the quarterbacks that made the cut. Aaron Rodgers should be a shoo in to win the 2011 MVP, and Drew Brees just eclipsed Dan Marino’s single season passing record with another game to play. There’s no doubt that they […]

Why The Philadelphia Eagles Should Draft A QB Now

It’s one year into the new Michael Vick era in Philly after trading away Kevin Kolb and all indications point to the eagles making the right call. So, the question before us is do the Philadelphia Eagles need to consider selecting a quarterback in the early rounds of the April 2012 NFL Draft? Absolutely.  By no […]

49ers Part Ways With Braylon Edwards While Redskins Cut Ryan Torain Loose

NFL GM’s were still in the giving mood a couple of days after Christmas it appears. Giving out two pink slips today. Those on the receiving end were San Francisco 49ers WR Braylon Edwards and Washington Redskins RB Ryan Torain. Struggling wide receiver Braylon Edwards was released by the San Francisco 49ers following surgery on […]

Drew Brees Caps The Year Of The Quarterback

With every pass he completes this weekend, Drew Brees will extend his record for most yards completed in an NFL season. Brees, in fact, did something  last night that Dan Marino could not do in 15 years of trying. He broke Marino’s remarkable 1984 yardage record. Yet Brees’ remarkable feat is marginally better than his […]

NFL Reactor: New Orleans Destroys Atlanta; Brees Sets Yardage Record

If you’re a fan of passing, this was the game for you. Unfortunately for fans of football in general, the Saints didn’t let the Falcons hang around and make it a game. Both quarterbacks had unbelievable games, but the score didn’t indicate that for the Falcons. Drew Brees broke Dan Marino’s record for most yards […]

Behind The Bears Woes

  The Chicago Bears showed so much promise this season once they got their feat under them after a shaky start. They started just 2-3 before rattling off 5 consecutive wins. That all seems like years ago. The Bears are winless since beating the Chargers. That was the game that their season changed for the […]

I Know It’s Only Rock N Roll But I Like It! NFL Week 16 Recap!

New York Giants 29 New York Jets 14 – My Hometown by Bruce Springsteen The New York Giants chose to stay out of the tabloids and keep their mouth shuts and let their play do the talking and it certainly played off. After an ugly 1st half by both teams the Giants eventually took over behind […]