Watch: Todd Gurley hurdles defender

Todd Gurley is having an amazing season and he keeps doing things that amaze us. Check out this play where he makes the catch out the backfield and then hurdles a defender! It took less than a minute before Todd Gurley started full-blown hurdling people. Oh dear.

Watch: Mark Ingram slips, recovers and runs for 70 yard TD

Fantastic job by Mark Ingram gaining his balance and then not just making a positive play but taking it to the house! He could have fallen down. He could have gotten tripped up early. Mark Ingram decided to rip off 70 yards instead — NFL (@NFL)

Watch: Delanie Walker catches 61 yd TD pass after two deflections

Oh man what a play. The Saints bobble it, Walker finds it and beats the defenders and then he gets a de-cleating block from a teammate as he scoots into the end zone… PLAY OF THE DAY? Marcus Mariota threw it. 2 Saints defenders deflected it. Delanie Walker caught it for a 61-yard TD […]

Watch: Taiwan Jones jukes multiple defenders on 59 yd TD

Last week, Amari Cooper took a screen pass and went 52 yards for the Oakland Raiders. This week it was Taiwan Jones that took a short pass and went all the way to the end zone for the Raiders…. Taiwan Jones put four defenders on skates for one of the prettiest 59-yard TD catch + […]