This weekend in NFL stupid

There were only two games in the NFL this weekend, but they were big ones. And in one, a whole lot of stupid happened. Here’s a fairly full version of “This weekend in NFL stupid,” thanks mainly to Mike McCarthy and the Green Bay Packers. The stupidest fourth-down decision This goes to Mike McCarthy of […]

Can the Seahawks break the Super Bowl repeat curse?

Last week, the Seattle Seahawks became the first defending Super Bowl champion since 2005 to win a playoff game. Now, with a victory over the Green Bay Packers on Sunday, they’ll be one win away from becoming the first team to repeat in exactly a decade. Prior to that, there were four repeats in a […]

What should constitute a catch in the NFL?

The NFL has basically acknowledged that its rules regarding the process of a catch aren’t perfect, but very rarely are better options brought to the table. That’s why we as fans bitch and complain without really offering solutions for how the league can make it so plays like Dez Bryant’s non-catch won’t happen without opening […]

This weekend in NFL stupid

Here’s a full roundup of all the stupid things that transpired on divisional playoff weekend in the NFL: The stupidest fourth-down decision Cowboys head coach Jason Garrett deserves a ton of credit for gambling on 4th-and-6 against the Lions on wild-card weekend and on 4th-and-2 late Sunday against Green Bay, but I don’t understand his […]

Why does Marvin Lewis still have a job?

Is simply making the playoffs all that is required for Cincinnati Bengals head coach Marvin Lewis to stay employed? Is that how low the bar is for one of the most pathetic franchises in the NFL? Lewis has now coached the Bengals for 12 years. He’s made the playoffs in six of those seasons, five […]

Ranking the quarterbacks left in the NFL playoffs

Quarterbacks have such a large impact on the game nowadays that a breakdown of the pivots starting for the eight teams remaining in the NFL playoffs gives you a feel for how things might conclude. Quite interestingly this year, though, some of the stronger teams have quarterbacks who haven’t performed as well as some of […]

There’s no conspiracy to help the Dallas Cowboys

Football games aren’t determined by a single whistle, or a single ruling by an official. That doesn’t happen, and it wasn’t about to start Sunday with some wild grassy knoll style conspiracy to help the Dallas Cowboys advance past the Detroit Lions. The events of Sunday at the 8:25 mark in the fourth quarter of […]

This weekend in NFL stupid

We’ve been doing this thing all season, with 12-16 games to work with each week. And yet we may have more stupid to report coming out of a four-game wild-card weekend than we did all year. Hard to believe considering these teams and officials are supposed to be the best of the best, but this […]

Who should the San Francisco 49ers hire next?

The San Francisco 49ers are in the search for a new head coach. An organization which has reached the NFC Championship game three times in the past four years is going in a different direction, moving on from Jim Harbaugh. Harbaugh is unquestionably one of the best coaches at any level of football, but was […]

Ranking the Top Five Offensive and Defensive Rookie Performances This Year

The 2014 rookie class has been one of the best in recent memory, with receivers dominating the headlines as arguably the best class in NFL rookie history and defensive front-seven players being asked to shoulder the load of their respective defenses’ success. Among the loaded receiver unit, Odell Beckham Jr. shined as the most feared […]

TGS 2014 NFL awards

The 2014 NFL regular season has come to an end, which is unbelievable because it truly does feel as though we were watching the opener between the Seattle Seahawks and the Green Bay Packers just yesterday. We’ve been tracking the MVP race all year, but let’s broaden things with our final take on that by […]

Ranking the vacant head coaching positions

Black Monday in the NFL is over, and four head coaching positions have become available. While more vacancies could develop over the next week or so, it appears the market is set going into 2015. With Rex Ryan, Mike Smith, Jim Harbaugh and Marc Trestman fired by the New York Jets, Atlanta Falcons, San Francisco […]

This weekend in NFL stupid

A recap of all that was stupid during the 17th weekend of the 2014 NFL season… The stupidest fake…ever? The Steelers had a 4th-and-9 at the Cincinnati 45-yard line with a three-point fourth-quarter lead. Relatively low-scoring game. So why in the hell are you running a fake punt? And on top of all that, look […]

Three coaches who didn’t deserve to keep their jobs

The fallout from Black Monday in the NFL was swift. All told, four coaches lost their jobs before New Year’s, including Rex Ryan, Mike Smith, John Harbaugh and Marc Trestman. None were a shock to anybody following the season’s tea leaves, with reports constantly surfacing about their potential oustings. However, it was a light day […]