Wild Card Weekend by the numbers

Something strange happened during Wild Card Weekend beyond just Cincinnati Bengals cornerback Adam Jones losing his mind, and Minnesota Vikings kicker Blair Walsh missing a gimmie putt that will haunt him until the end of his time on Earth. The strangeness I’m referring to is simple, yet historic. Four road teams won, marking the first […]

Rob Gronkowski says he’s not doing anything wrong despite OPI calls

New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski may lead the NFL in offensive pass interference penalties this season, but he’s not ready to change his game because of it. “I’m not doing anything wrong,” Gronkowski told ESPN’s Mike Reiss. When asked what he can do differently to prevent OPI calls. “I’m playing football. … I’m […]

Aaron Rodgers listed on the Packers’ injury report after claiming he was healthy

Aaron Rodgers’ name was listed on the Green Bay Packers’ injury report, after constantly claiming he was healthy, ESPN reported. The NFL’s reigning MVP participated in practice in a limited role, battling an ailing throwing shoulder. The Packers dropped their last three games against the Broncos, Panthers and Lions, and during that three-game stretch, Rodgers […]

Just how bad is the Saints defense? Here are the atrocious numbers

For the first time since October, the New Orleans Saints will NOT surrender 40-plus points this week. I can guarantee you that only because the Saints do not in fact play this week. Otherwise, there’d be no reason to expect a defense that has given up an insane 116 points in its last three games […]

NFL exploring letting teams trade compensatory draft picks

The NFL Draft is already one of the more interesting events in the NFL offseason, which is always finding new ways to stay relevant when there isn’t action on the gridiron. It’s about to get even more interesting With teams being able to trade compensatory picks, that essentially gives teams more flexibility in the draft. […]

Rex Ryan is upset with so many questions about the Patriots

The never-ending saga that is Rex Ryan and the New England Patriots continued Thursday during Ryan’s press conference. Ryan said, “Of course they want to bury me. No question they want to beat me. But this is nothing to do with me, it’s something to do with our team.” He continued, saying, “Yeah, they want to […]

Texans quarterback Brian Hoyer

Brian Hoyer was forgetting plays after concussion on Monday night

When you’re having trouble remembering football plays amid a football game that requires you to relay said plays, you should probably not play football for a while. Houston Texans QB Brian Hoyer will not play football on Sunday, after reportedly being concussed to the point that he could not remember plays this past Monday. According […]

What’s wrong with Aaron Rodgers?

The highest-rated passer in NFL history is mired in a small mid-prime slump, and it’s hard to determine what exactly is holding Aaron Rodgers back. All we know is the Packers are stuck in a three-game losing streak — the first such streak Rodgers has experienced since 2008, his first season as the team’s starter. […]

Finally, somebody got Ray Rice on the record regarding Greg Hardy

As if you needed one more voice to chime in on controversial Dallas Cowboys defensive lineman Greg Hardy, equally controversial and former Baltimore Raven running back Ray Rice was given a chance this morning tow weigh in with his thoughts and commentary. “One thing I would encourage Greg (to do) is to take a deeper look […]

Nick Foles’ 2013 season could go down as the ultimate NFL anomaly

Sunday in Baltimore, Case Keenum will start in Baltimore for the St. Louis Rams. That’s because Nick Foles — who just two years ago posted the best touchdown-to-interception ratio and the third-best passer rating in NFL history while also leading the league with a 9.1 yards-per-attempt average — has been benched. How is it possible […]

Week 11 NFL game watchability rankings

Week 11 in the NFL is here, and you might be entering the weekend with your own preferences regarding which games to focus on, and which to place on the backburner. Most of you have your favorites and fantasy players to track. But in case you’re completely neutral or need help breaking ties with regard […]

TGS weekly MVP tracker: Adrian Peterson joins the conversation

With seven weeks remaining in the 2015 NFL regular season, here’s how we view the MVP race… 1. Tom Brady, Patriots — Tom Terrific did throw his third interception of the season (how dare he!) but the Patriots still moved to 9-0 and Brady was still solid. It helps his cause, though, that Andy Dalton […]

Week 11 NFL power rankings

1. New England Patriots (9-0; Last Week- No. 1) A Stephen Gostkowski 54-yard field goal in the final seconds vs the Giants prevented the Patriots from their first loss of the season. Here’s the Patriots’ remaining schedule: vs Bills (MNF), at Broncos (SNF), vs Eagles, at Texans, vs Titans, at Jets, at Dolphins. Anybody can […]