Should the NFL make the draft a four-day event?

Television coverage of the NFL draft dates back to 1980 when ESPN decided to provide live draft coverage. In the early days, the draft wasn’t exactly an interesting event, but over the past 34 years, the event has evolved into a fan-centric event. Beginning in 2010, the NFL moved to a three-day format, making the […]

It’s not possible to over-draft the right quarterback

In the next few days, you’ll be hearing more and more references to recent draft busts such as Blaine Gabbert, Christian Ponder and Jake Locker when analysts discuss the possibility of a team taking Johnny Manziel, Teddy Bridgewater or Blake Bortles in the first round of the 2014 draft. Those critics will say that teams […]

Five NFL prospects who could be fantasy studs in 2014

Predicting fantasy studs before the draft even takes place can be a tricky prospect in the best of times. That being the case, there are players out there that will likely succeed in almost any environment. These five players should be able to make a major impact for their respective teams in 2014, and for […]

Jay Gruden is wise to keep RG3 away from the read option

Entering his third season, Robert Griffin III has much to prove. After his rookie campaign, Griffin was carrying injuries to his ACL and LCL as well as the distinction as the biggest young star in the NFL. Last season was a different story. Griffin never looked like his rookie self, and the Redskins suffered because […]

Should the Cowboys draft Johnny Manziel?

This year’s quarterback class has been, if nothing else, unpredictable. Heading into draft season, Teddy Bridgewater was the favorite, but since then, it’s fluctuated between him, Blake Bortles or Johnny Manziel, depending on who you’re asking and on which day you’re asking. The Dallas Cowboys are entering a transitional period in which they’re not really […]

Vince Young would fit well with the Browns

It’s hard to come by a winning quarterback on the open market in the NFL, but there’s still one man out there that was once a rising star before locker room issues derailed a promising career. Vince Young hasn’t taken a regular season snap since his short stint with the Philadelphia Eagles in 2011. Before […]

Why teams should pick stop-gap quarterbacks over top prospects

The ability to move the ball through the air has defined the NFL over the past decade. Teams such as the Patriots, Colts and Saints have thrived by attacking opponents with very little support from the running game. The new culture of “pass and stop the pass” has pushed teams to reach for quarterbacks they […]

Should the NFL allow players to enter the draft earlier?

The NFL draft is the best way for teams to bring young talent into the fold. As it stands, a player must have been out of high school for at least three years to be eligible to enter the draft. The rules don’t require that players attend college, although since college is the de-facto farm […]

Who will be this year’s biggest draft bust?

Every year a number of busts are selected in the first half of the draft. The biggest busts are those that are picked early in the event, and this year has a number of possibilities to claim the prize of being the biggest draft bust. Many believe Jadeveon Clowney has all the makings of one […]

Five ways to improve the NFL draft

Speed it up The worst part about the draft, especially the early rounds, is just how long it actually takes for teams to make their selections. The solution to this problem is very simple. Just shorten the time teams have to make their selections. Give teams a five minute limit for every round, not just […]

The case against Johnny Manziel

Johnny Manziel may have the most variable draft stock of all quarterbacks heading into the draft. Some project that he’ll be snagged in the top five while others think he’ll be sliding down the draft order Brady Quinn style. There’s no denying his playmaking abilities, but what could scare teams away from pulling the trigger […]

Teddy Bridgewater to meet with the Jaguars for a second time

Among the Jaguars’ biggest needs heading into the draft is a young quarterback that can grow into the role of franchise passer. The question for the Jags is not if they’ll take a quarterback, but when. There are a number of options for Jacksonville to consider in the first round and even later in the […]

What’s next for Terrelle Pryor?

It’s been clear since Matt Schaub was brought on board that the Raiders would be quickly putting an end to the Terrelle Pryor era. According to Pro Football Talk, the Raiders are hoping to be able to trade Pryor before the start of the offseason program that begins next Tuesday. That’s a short timeframe to […]

Does Johnny Manziel’s Wonderlic score boost his draft stock?

Johnny Manziel may have led his draft class with a 32 out of 50 on the Wonderlic Test, but from a percentage standpoint, that’s not very impressive. Actually completing the test with a high score is, however, much more difficult than it may seem. The Wonderlic Test, in short, is a set of 50 multiple […]

Clowney’s decision to end workouts shouldn’t hurt his draft stock

To see a top prospect end workouts with a few weeks left before the draft isn’t a common occurrence, but it’s also not a big deal either. Peter King of broke the news that Jadeveon Clowney wouldn’t be involved in any more individual workouts. King notes that one of the reasons is likely Brandon […]