Monday Night Upset; Jaguars Beat Ravens 12-7

The Jaguars played out-of-this-world defense against the Baltimore Ravens in a huge upset win. The Jaguars, with the win, snap a five game losing streak, and they deal the Ravens their second loss.

The big story from this game was that the Ravens didn’t gain an offensive first down until the third quarter. To say the least, the Jaguars were flying all over the field.

The Ravens were nearly as good on defense, forcing the Jaguars into three 50+ yard field goals. Unfortunately for the Ravens, Josh Scobee nailed every one of them, including a much shorter field goal in the third quarter. The Ravens are now 4-2, and the Jaguars are now 2-5. I’ll let Will Horton wrap it up for us with his in-game notes:

Most of my attention is on the World Series, but I’m stealing looks at MNF. [I] notice that both quarterbacks have fewer total passing yards than Tim Tebow. 23 combined yards passing at the 10:44 mark of the second quarter. This has been the worst weekend of football in a long time.

And before I can finish typing this comment, Michael Oher commits back-to-back holding penalties and Joe Flacco completes a pass to himself for -8 yards. Now stands at 2 yards passing on 12 attempts.

Ravens problems stemming from awful offensive line play. Michael Oher moved to right tackle. Starting left guard Ben Grubbs didn’t dress, and his replacement is coming close to false starting on every down. Interior of Jaguars’ defensive line applying as much pressure as I’ve ever seen from them. Tyson Alualu getting his name called, in a good way.

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