Bart Scott threatens reporter

Ah the New York Jets; the gleam of every NFL writer/blogger/fan's eyes. It seems as if every week they give us a new story line to report that is in some way unbelievable, and this week is no different.

This time, Bart Scott is at the center of the headlines. Bart Hubbuch of the New York Post indicated via Twitter that Dan Leberfeld of took a picture of the Jets linebacker. For one reason or another, that didn't sit too well with Scott, and as Hubbuch says, "threats and puffed chests ensued."

Scott, who made the phrase "can't wait" a thing early in 2011, isn't new to making a splash. Earlier this month, Scott declared a "media mutiny" or as we like to call it, a simple boycott.

The irony in all this is that it's Scott that's once again feeding story lines to newspapers, sports outlets and bloggers like me. Just when you think the Jets' circus is finally moving on, it rears its head again.

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