Stadium death illustrates safety concerns

Last night, during the Texans, Vikings preseason finale, a 25 year old man died after falling from a fifth floor escalator to the ground floor. It's a shame, it should never happen, but it does.

NFL stadiums, or any sporting arena for that matter, are viewed as a place to go for a good time. That's not always the case.

Just over a year ago, a fan fell at a Rangers game reaching for a foul ball. Fan deaths are nothing new to sports, but that doesn't lessen the feelings we get every time it happens.

It's not always a matter of safety. Fans will always reach for foul balls, or home runs for that matter. Fans will always rush up and down steep steps to get back to their seats for the 4th quarter.

There are always things teams can do to improve their stadiums. The old RCA Dome in Indianapolis had perplexingly low railings very high in the stadium. Safety hazards can be limited but never eliminated.

Ultimately it's up to you and me. As the NFL season kicks off, stadiums around the country will be packed with rowdy fans, often intoxicated, trying to get to occupy the same space at the same time. The only real way to eliminate senseless fan deaths is to take your time, be careful and be safe out there.

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