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Colt McCoy passes on talking about his time in Cleveland

In his introductory press conference with the San Francisco 49ers, Colt McCoy was given a golden opportunity to throw the Cleveland Browns under the proverbial bus, but the usually classy McCoy passed on a slam dunk burn.

"I’d really rather stay away from that topic," McCoy said, [via the Cleveland Plain Dealer]. "There were some very positive, high moments there and there were also some low times. It was unfortunate kind of the way it all went down and ended, but I have no hard feelings toward those guys. I wish them nothing but the best."

While McCoy did take the high road on the question, no one would have blamed him for laying into the way the Cleveland Browns handled the drafting of Brandon Weeden. McCoy was really only given an opportunity to win the starting job in theory, but the reality of the situation was that from the moment Weeden was drafted, it was his job to lose.

The irony is that soon, whether it be this year or next year, the Browns could be put in a position to draft another quarterback. This time, Brandon Weeden would take on Colt McCoy's role, and someone else may take Weeden's role. With a new regime in place, we would like to think the situation could be handled far better this time around.

For McCoy, San Francisco is a new start. He won't be in competition to win the starting job in San Francisco, but Colin Kaepernick opens himself up to a lot of hits, especially when he's running down field. The possibility of Kaepernick being injured at some point in the season is relatively high, and if that happens, McCoy could get an opportunity to lead a very good football team and show what he can really do in the NFL.

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