Mark Sanchez’s injury may simplify Jets’ season

Just when it looked like Mark Sanchez had the Jets’ quarterback competition wrapped up, he may have been dealt a bad break, handing the job back to Geno Smith.

Mark Sanchez exited the Jets’ game against the New York Giants after being hit by defensive tackle Marvin Austin with an apparent throwing-shoulder injury. Sanchez played very little, with the Jets instead taking an extended look at rookie quarterback Geno Smith.

Smith didn’t impress anyone, throwing three interceptions and channeling his inner Dan Orlovsky by running out the back of the endzone by his own mistake.

At that point, it looked like Mark Sanchez would be the Jets’ starting quarterback, at least to begin the season. Now, we’re not even sure he’ll be back.

Although it’s a bad situation, the injury could simplify the Jets’ quarterback issues. If Sanchez is indeed out for an extended period, there will be no continuity issues. Geno Smith will be the Jets’ top man, and they’ll have to make due. While the injury could simplify things, the headline didn’t say it would be in a positive manner.

Suddenly, the Jets could be in a position that they must protect their quarterback-by-default, and that’s never a good position to be in. Smith just makes too many poor decisions, and he’s not talented enough to be effective right off the bat. The problem is that the Jets have to have an effective quarterback, or more accurately, Rex Ryan needs him to be effective immediately.

I can’t believe I’m writing this, but the Jets’ best chance to win games is with Mark Sanchez, and now, his short-term future is in question.

Shane Clemons

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