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Watch NFL Sunday Ticket for only $100

Watching the NFL is expensive, but this year, and probably only this year, we have a far cheaper option available that can allow you to watch NFL games all season long for a very low price.

Amazon, DirecTV and Electronic Arts have partnered to offer the Anniversary Edition of Madden 25 with NFL Sunday Ticket for no additional charge and no DirecTV subscription required, via Deadspin.

Woah. Hold the phone.

The way it works is simple. You go through amazon to purchase the Anniversary Edition of the title, and included with the game, is a promo code that gives you access to NFL Sunday Ticket for the entire year on tablets, laptops or any other mobile device with an NFL Sunday Ticket app.

Last year, I purchased the online only version of Sunday Ticket for about $250, making this deal fantastic.

In addition to the great deal is the fact that I have no intention of ever playing the game. Ebay here I come. If I (or you) decide to forego playing the game and auction it or sell it, it's likely that over half the original price will be recovered once the game is sold.

Deadspin reports that only 100K copies including the promotion are available, but the deal is not sold out. If you're an NFL junkie without DirecTV, there's no reason not to jump for the deal. I already did, and there's no buyer's remorse here.

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