Ranking the NFL owners based on public image

It hasn't been an ideal start to Jimmy Haslam's ownership run in Cleveland. His company, Pilot Flying J, has been embroiled in legal controversy, while his Browns have been cycling through coaches and general managers at an alarming rate. With that in mind, we figured this would be a good time to offer up a subjective ranking of all 32 current NFL owners from most to least popular in terms of the way they're perceived by fans and the public in general. 

1. Dan Rooney, Pittsburgh Steelers — This team has had three coaches in like 85 years. Competitive every year with a deliberate, old-school mentality. No one dislikes the Rooneys. 

2. Robert Kraft, New England Patriots — Players, fans, coaches. They all love Bob Kraft. And all the guy does is win. 

3. John Mara and Steve Tisch, New York Giants — Old school, and the operation is flawless. That's why they're always in contention. 

4. Jim Irsay, Indianapolis Colts — Irsay is passionate and cool and outspoken. He's willing to be bold in order to win. Fans love that. 

5. Green Bay Packers Inc. — Hard to place an entire community of owners. But how cool is it that 360,000 stockholders run this team?

6. Pat Bowlen, Denver Broncos — Bringing in John Elway now looks like a stroke of genius. And whatever his role in signing Peyton Manning, it's good stuff. 

7. Jed York, San Francisco 49ers — Find me somebody in the Bay Area who likes the 49ers and doesn't love York and his family. 

8. Steve Bisciotti, Baltimore Ravens — Surrounds himself with smart, talented football people, steps aside and lets them get the job done. One hell of a model. 

9. Jeffrey Lurie, Philadelphia Eagles — He hires good people and churns out competitors almost every year. No complaints.

10. Woody Johnson, New York Jets — Fans are more loyal to Johnson than you would expect for New Yorkers. The guy commands respect. But the way he's dealing with Rex Ryan, he's on the brink.

11. Paul Allen, Seattle Seahawks — He's not overly attached to the franchise but the Seahawks have been competitive for most of his reign, so nobody seems to care.

12. Arthur Blank, Atlanta Falcons — I'd say he's moved on from the Michael Vick era pretty well. 

13. Bob McNair, Houston Texans — There isn't a lot he does wrong. The fans seem satisfied. 

14. Jerry Richardson, Carolina Panthers — He can be extremely prickly, but Richardson is extremely loyal to the Panthers and the state of Carolina. The fans appreciate it.

15. Shad Khan, Jacksonville Jaguars — Too early to judge so we're putting him right in the middle of the pack.

16. Zygi Wilf, Minnesota Vikings — He and his son Mark have saved themselves with this new stadium. Forget Los Angeles. 

17. Stan Kroenke, St. Louis Rams — Not off to a great start, but I think people appreciate a new era post-Rosenbloom.

18. Tom Benson, New Orleans Saints — He would have been 10 spots lower on this list before he decided to stick around in New Orleans, which brought a Super Bowl to town. 

19. Alex Spanos, San Diego Chargers — Bolts fans have become increasingly disenchanted with the Spanos family. If they continue to flirt with Los Angeles, it'll get a lot worse.

20. Mark Davis, Oakland Raiders — Also too early to judge, but the Davis family has not had a positive impact the last decade. 

21. Bud Adams (estate), Tennessee Titans — Adams was doing more harm than good in his final years. He passed away in 2013. 

22. Clark Hunt, Kansas City Chiefs — He's gaining some points now that most of the right pieces appear to be in place. 

23. Malcolm Glazer, Tampa Bay Buccaneers — People question whether he cares more about the Bucs or his soccer team overseas. 

24. Mike Brown, Cincinnati Bengals — The team has been good lately, but Brown is still arguably the cheapest owner in this league. 

25. Virginia McCaskey, Chicago Bears — Read this.

26. Ralph Wilson, Buffalo Bills — Stubborn man with outdated views. 

27. Stephen Ross, Miami Dolphins — He's brought in some celebrity minority owners, but what else? The front office and the organization in general are kind of a mess. 

28. William Clay Ford, Detroit Lions — Just a terribly-run franchise and Ford deserves a lot of the blame. 

29. Bill Bidwell, Arizona Cardinals — Fans gave up long ago on the Bidwells, who generally run that franchise like a business and not a team. 

30. Dan Snyder, Washington Redskins — I think he's gained some points lately with Redskins fans, but he's still known as a brat who makes poor decisions.

31. Jimmy Haslam, Cleveland Browns — He's simply in over his head early on. You have to be more patient than that.

32. Jerry Jones, Dallas Cowboys — He treats his team like a circus act and the fans have grown completely tired. 

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