Ten best players not in the Pro Hall of Fame

It’s very difficult to get in the Pro Hall of Fame and the process isn’t always fair. A number of players are still waiting to have their name called. These ten players in particular are knocking on the door and we should expect them to be called within the next few years.

10. Kevin Greene, OLB, Los Angeles Rams (1985-1992), Pittsburgh Steelers (1993-1995), San Francisco 49ers (1997), Carolina Panthers (1996, 1998-1999)

Greene is 3rd all time in sacks with 160 in his career. Michael Strahan is 5th, by the way, and he’s getting in with the 2014 class. He’s twice been the NFL sack leader was a 5 time Pro Bowl selection.

9. Shaun Alexander, RB, Seattle Seahaws (2000-2007), Washington Redskins (2008)

The 3 time Pro Bowler and 2005 NFL MVP had five consecutive 1,000 seasons where he was in a class of his own as a running back. His best season came in 2005 when he rushed for 1,880 yards which is 11th best all time. Alexander also had a knack for finding the end zone as he’s 14th all time in scores, and rushed for 27 touchdowns in 2005 which is second most all time in a season.

8. Jerome Bettis, RB, Los Angeles/St. Louis Rams (1993-1995), Pittsburgh Steelers (1996-2005)

Bettis is 6th all time in rushing and was a Super Bowl champion in his final season. He’s been to 6 Pro Bowl and has had 8 1,000 yard seasons.

7. Morten Andersen, K, New Orleans Saints (1982-1994), Atlanta Falcons (1995-2000, 2006-2007), New York Giants (2001), Kansas City Chiefs (2002-2003), Minnesota Vikings (2004)

It’s incredibly hard to get into the Hall of Fame as a specialist, almost impossible. Jan Stenerud is the only kicker in the Hall of Fame that exclusively played that position, and Ray Guy will officially become the first punter this fall. If there’s anyone more deserving, though, it’s Andersen. The 7 time Pro Bowler paved the way for the more reliable soccer style kicking we see today (though Stenerud was the first). Andersen is the all time scoring leader in NFL history and belongs for that reason alone. Hard to argue against him being the best kicker in NFL history.

6. Kurt Warner, QB, St. Louis Rams (1998-2003), New York Giants (2004), Arizona Cardinals (2005-2009)

You know a quarterback is special anytime they can lead two separate teams to the Super Bowl. Warner is a two time NFL MVP, a 4 time Pro Bowler and a Super Bowl MVP and champion. He is 12th all time in passing yards for a season, 33rd in passing yards for a career and his passer rating is 8th all time. He will be eligible for the first time in 2015.

5. LaDainian Tomlinson, RB, San Diego Chargers (2001-2009), New York Jets (2010-2011)

He’ll be eligible in 2016 and you have to assume he’s got a good shot at being a first ballot Hall of Famer. He was the NFL MVP in 2006 and a 5 time Pro Bowler. He rushed for 1,000 or more yards in each of his first eight seasons. He’s 3rd all time in NFL history with 162 touchdowns scored behind only Jerry Rice and Emmitt Smith.

4. Marvin Harrison, WR, Indianapolis Colts (1996-2008)

Harrison is an 8 time Pro Bowler that’s led the NFL in receptions and receiving yards twice each. There’s a bit of a logjam at receiver which has slowed down his entrance but he’s got to figure in the group over the next couple of years. He’s 7th all time in receiving yards, 3rd all time in receptions and 5th all time in receiving touchdowns. He’s also been a Super Bowl champion which voters seem to value.

3. Tim Brown, WR, Los Angeles/Oakland Raiders (1988-2003), Tampa Bay Buccaneers (2004)

When you think about NFL Hall of Fame snubs, Brown always tops the list. A very familiar refrain is “how is Tim Brown not in the Hall of Fame yet?”. While his longevity is unmatched, he was also incredibly productive going to 9 Pro Bowls. Brown is 7th all time in touchdown receptions, 6th all time in yards, and 5th all time in receptions. It’s beginning to get a little ridiculous that he’s still not in. Anytime now, guys.

2. Will Shields, G, Kansas City Chiefs (1993-2006)

Shields went to 12 Pro Bowls and is one of the best offensive linemen in the history of the game. There is no excuse for him still waiting to be admitted. 2015 has to be the year.

1. Brett Favre, QB, Atlanta Falcons (1991), Green Bay Packers (1992-2007), New York Jets (2008), Minnesota Vikings (2009-2010)

He’s not eligible until 2016 but he has to be, without question, a first ballot Hall of Famer. He revolutionized the modern passing attack as we know it today. Favre is an 11 time Pro Bowler, Super Bowl champion, and 3 time MVP. He’s first all time in passing yards and passing touchdowns (though Peyton Manning will likely pass him this season).

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