Texans quarterback Brian Hoyer

Brian Hoyer was forgetting plays after concussion on Monday night

When you’re having trouble remembering football plays amid a football game that requires you to relay said plays, you should probably not play football for a while. Houston Texans QB Brian Hoyer will not play football on Sunday, after reportedly being concussed to the point that he could not remember plays this past Monday.

According to his coach Bill O’Brien, Hoyer took not one, but two blows to the dome during a singly play during Houston’s MNF win over Cincinnati: “He got hit twice in the head on that play,” O’Brien said in reference to the Texans’ opening drive of the third quarter. “Once hitting [his head] on the ground and the other just in the course of the tackle.”

In a move highlighting the Texans’s dire straits behind center, they signed the newly-released Brandon Weeden this week — just days after Weeden was cut for being unable to hack it up the road in Dallas.

The Houston Chronicle says Hoyer has shown marked improvement this week, and should be able to play next week against New Orleans. The Texans play the Jets this week, and are coming off inarguably their best win of the season, against then-undefeated Cincy. T.J. Yates, another recent signee for Houston, will start at QB against the Jets. Yates is a former Texan, so he may remember some of the team’s plays.