Chris Ivory proves superstar talent once again in Week 6

Chris Ivory came into the 2015 season as the No. 1 running back for the New York Jets and has been very impressive so far this year. He has been an absolute superstar for his team and there is no question that the Jets are lucky to have him as one of the leaders of their offense.

This afternoon against the Washington Redskins, Ivory once again showed off the superstar talent that he possesses.

He carried the football 20 times for 146 yards and a touchdown, while also catching three passes for 50 yards on the game. Those numbers were pivotal in the Jets’ 34-20 victory. Ivory may not be the best running back in the league, but there is no question that he is quickly working his way towards that goal.

New York has been giving chunks of carries to other running backs throughout the season. Ivory has been the go-to back for the most part, but today there were 17 carries that went to either Zac Stacy or Bilal Powell. He has seen his fantasy football numbers drop a bit from what they could be due to that fact, but that doesn’t mean too much for the actual game.

Throughout the entire season so far, Ivory has carried the football 83 times for 460 yards and four touchdowns. Those numbers show a glimpse of the talent that Ivory has shown off so far this season.

At 27 years old, Ivory is in the prime of his career and has a lot of football left to play in his career. He is without question one of the more surprising running backs this season, as many didn’t see him putting up these kind of numbers. New York has their franchise running back and can build their offense around his ability to consistently put up big production.

Looking ahead at the remainder of the season, the Jets should expect to see plenty more big games from Ivory. His ability to pick up tough yardage and speed to make big plays at any given moment make him a legitimate workhorse back.

There simply isn’t much else that can be said other than the fact that Ivory is a budding superstar.

It will be interesting to see what his numbers look like at the end of the 2015 season. If he continues playing the way that he has so far recently, there is nothing holding him back from being among the league leaders in rushing yards. Ivory still has room to improve as well, which is a scary thought for defensive coordinators around the NFL.

Expect to see Ivory continue being a workhorse for the Jets and to be a focal point for their offense for years to come.

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