Darren McFadden makes massive statement for Cowboys in Week 7

The Dallas Cowboys came into Week 7 with the hope of snapping their three game losing streak and knocking off their NFC East division rival New York Giants. That didn’t end up happening, but they did receive a huge performance from running back Darren McFadden, who was obviously looking to make a huge statement.

McFadden ended up carrying the football 29 times for 152 yards and a touchdown in the game. He looked like the superstar talent that McFadden was expected to have when he first came into the NFL.

At 28 years old, that superstar talent is long overdue and has to be a sight for sore eyes in Dallas. Joseph Randle is a very talented running back, but the Cowboys haven’t seen him be consistent this season. Perhaps the emergence of McFadden is exactly what the offense needed to remain a legitimate playoff contender in the NFC.

Dallas is going to begin getting healthy in the next few weeks with Dez Bryant and Tony Romo coming back. Romo won’t be back until after Thanksgiving, but Bryant being back on the field could be exactly what the doctor ordered for the Cowboys.

Jason Garrett now has a very intriguing decision to make throughout the next week. Randle and McFadden have been a debate all season long, but now that McFadden has shown what he is actually capable of there is no doubting the debate that will ensue. The Cowboys desperately need their ground game to improve and today’s performance by McFadden was easily the biggest of the season.

Health has been the biggest roadblock in McFadden’s career to this point. He has been unable to stay on the field and has put up big games in between the injuries that he has suffered.

Looking ahead at the remainder of the season, a healthy McFadden is definitely the best running back choice for the Cowboys.

If he is able to stay on the field and put up consistent production, he will be the X-Factor for the Cowboys. There is absolutely nothing holding him back from doing just that at this point in time, but health isn’t something that he can control.

Jerry Jones and the Cowboys desperately need a big boost from McFadden if they want to get back into playoff contention. He has the speed and physicality to continue the big numbers and will likely be given every chance to do so as the starter until he slows down or gets injured. Hopefully none of that happens and he is indeed able to be the difference maker that Dallas needs him to be.

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