Jared Goff currently mocked at No. 2 to the Chicago Bears

The Chicago Bears have been looking for a new quarterback over the past couple of seasons, but they are stuck at this point in time with Jay Cutler under center. Looking ahead at the 2016 NFL Draft, there is a good chance that the Bears will have a chance to draft a potential franchise caliber quarterback.

Jared Goff is one of the top quarterbacks in the nation right now and Matt Miller of Bleacher Report has him currently mocked to the Bears with the No. 2 overall pick in the NFL Draft.

That would be an ideal scenario for the Bears and Goff would likely slide into the starting job immediately. Chicago would have a tough decision to make with Cutler, but more than likely he would either stay on the roster as a backup or they could work out a trade or buyout. It would be tough to find a team that would want to trade for him, but stranger things have happened.

Goff has come through with a massive season for the California Golden Bears this season. He has completed 70.2 percent of his passing attempts for 1,630 yards, 15 touchdowns and four interceptions. There weren’t many teams that looked at him as a first-round pick coming into this season, but he has made those same teams rethink their decision and change their minds.

At 6-foot-4 and 215 pounds, Goff is the exact size that rookie NFL quarterbacks are expected to be. He is a physical presence that can’t be taught and has a huge chance to become something special at the next level.

If the Golden Bears didn’t have Goff on their team, they wouldn’t be anything. Since they do have him, however, they are 5-0 and are currently the No. 23 ranked team in the nation. California hasn’t been viewed as a legitimate contender in quite some time, but Goff has put them back on the radar.

Aaron Rodgers is a current NFL star that came out of California and Goff has drawn quite a few comparisons to him. There are a few similarities, but Goff definitely has better physical abilities. Rodgers is still the much better all-around quarterback, but with hard work and good coaching there is no doubt that Goff can turn into that type of a player.

Chicago would take a huge step forward in their rebuilding process by snagging Goff and this projection by Miller makes a lot of sense for both parties. If Goff is available whenever the Bears end up being on the clock, you can bet that they will take him and make him their long-term franchise quarterback.

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