Willie Snead proves value for Saints despite blowout loss to Eagles

The New Orleans Saints are fresh off of a disappointing loss against the Philadelphia Eagles yesterday afternoon and are searching for any bright spot that they can find. Willie Snead is one bright spot for the Saints this week and proved a lot of value for them moving forward.

Snead ended up catching six passes for 141 yards on the afternoon, but wasn’t able to get into the end zone.

At 22 years old, Snead has finally earned himself a role on an NFL field and is making the most of it. He has worked his way into being one of the favorite targets for Drew Brees. Snead has been very consistent with his production and is a very reliable receiver for the Saints.

Each and every year there are players that step up and make a name for themselves. That is the case for Snead this season.

After his collegiate career at Ball State, Snead came out and went undrafted. He was picked up by the Cleveland Browns, but never saw the field during a regular season game and wasn’t viewed as a legitimate talent to develop. Snead decided to sign with the Saints and the coaching staff immediately saw a very raw talent that they could work with.

One of the best areas of the current Saints’ coaching staff is developing young talent and Snead is one of the best examples for that statement. Not only is he showing the he can be an impact player this season, he is also proving that he has more potential for the future. New Orleans may very well have a long-term weapon the wide receiver position that seems to have great chemistry with Brees.

Playing alongside of a quarterback as talented as Brees is can make getting a career started much easier. Quite a few wide receivers in the past have gotten their start due to a quarterback making them better.

Looking ahead to the future, the Saints have to be very excited about developing Snead and seeing just how good he is capable of becoming.

Snead certainly isn’t the most intimidating physical presence, but he has the speed that can make him a massive deep threat. He is also more than capable of making plays across the middle and in the short game by using his speed and route-running ability. That fits perfectly into what the Saints like to run offensively, which is exactly why he has been putting up massive production for him.

Expect to see the Saints continue feeding the football to Snead and to see him continue improving his game as the season moves forward. Brees is gaining more and more confidence in the young receiver as the season moves forward and the Saints are excited to see if their offense can begin making improvements.

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