Ranking the 32 starting NFL QBs

When you’re trying to build a competitive team that can rival for a spot in the playoffs the big question is always the same: do you have that franchise quarterback? While there’s 11 players on both sides of the ball, and 21 other players on the field on any given play, the quarterback always gets […]

The top 10 undrafted rookie free agents of the last 10 years

You’ll remember I posted a top 10 of each round of the draft over the last 10 years, but while the draft is the most obvious way to score the next best young talent, it’s not the only way. Being an undrafted rookie free agent may not be the blueprint way to a successful NFL […]

Top 10 NFL draft picks by round over the last 10 years

Anytime you enter the draft conventional wisdom suggests that the lower the draft pick is, the lower the chance the player you pick will turn out to be a hit. That doesn’t mean there hasn’t been some crazy success stories later in the draft in the recent past. To illustrate those examples, as well as […]

Five NFL teams with the biggest adjustments to make this offseason

With the NFL free agency settling down and the NFL draft nearing, teams are starting to get a feel for what their personnel may look like going into 2014. As always some teams come into the season with a more stable situation. There are some franchises in particular that have uprooted the core parts of […]

Are the San Francisco 49ers in store for a blowup season?

On the surface you could look at all the recent success for the San Francisco 49ers and easily assume they’re well on their way to being perennial contenders for a long time to come. But despite their 36-11-1 record over the last three years which included a Super Bowl trip in 2012 and NFC Championship […]

The Saints are starting to lean defense

When you think of the Saints in the Sean Payton era, you think of Drew Brees, an explosive passing offense, points and yards. In fact, while the team won a Super Bowl in 2009 behind it’s high powered offense, it was the 2011 unit that broke the NFL record for the most yards from scrimmage […]

Ranking the quarterbacks in the 2014 NFL draft

Now that we’re a month away from the NFL draft and the free agency period has largely settled in, team needs and their plan of attack going into the draft are starting to take shape. That said, the surefire way to field a competitive team starts with having a franchise quarterback and for the teams […]

Ten overrated 2014 free agent signings that NFL teams will regret

Free agency is always a big gamble. Big contracts are doled out in hopes of landing a game changing performer, but more times than not decline in performance or injury makes the investment a disappointment when the dust settles. This offseason will be no different, of course, but there’s 10 players in particular where the […]

Have the Carolina Panthers regressed significantly this offseason?

If you asked Panther fans what the priority of the offseason would be, I think most would have put retaining Greg Hardy at the top of the list. The good news, if there’s any, is that Hardy was franchised and then signed his one year tender. He won’t be going anywhere. While both sides are […]

How the Saints can afford Jairus Byrd and what it means for Jimmy Graham

The Saints surprised pretty much everyone that has at minimum a passing interest in NFL free agency by grabbing who was largely viewed as the top player on the market in Jairus Byrd. The deal didn't come cheap, however, as the Saints spent handsomely in order to land him. Indeed it took every bit of […]

10 bargain NFL free agents

The franchise tags placed on Jimmy Graham, Brian Orakpo and Greg Hardy, coupled with Jordan Gross retiring and the finalized deals made prior to March 11th with Brent Grimes, Riley Cooper and Dennis Pitta (to name a few moves) have really taken the sting out of the impending free agency period. While you'll no doubt […]

This Given Sunday’s 2014 Mock NFL Draft 2.0

Armed with new information in the conclusion of the NFL Combine, decisions on where to go in the draft are starting to take shape. Of course free agency has yet to start, so the various needs of teams remains in question until they complete the exercise leading into the draft. This won't predict possible trades […]

Ten Under the Radar NFL Free Agents to Keep an Eye On

March 11 is the target date for the free agency proceedings to get under way, so we are getting closer by the day. In the beginning there is always a slew of big names taken off the board quickly with some mammoth contracts, but once the dust settles after a week of intense activity, patient […]

What Must the Saints Do to Retain Jimmy Graham?

Many team's fans are listing Jimmy Graham atop their free agent wishlist, citing his expiring contract and the Saints' current cap situation as the reason for that possibility. Before you get too excited, though, know that Saints' general manager Mickey Loomis has already stated the Saints will absolutely franchise tag the star "tight end" if […]

The Top 50 NFL Free Agents of 2014

With the 2013 NFL season officially behind us teams are already in the middle of evaluations in an effort to identify where they need to find outside help, be it through the draft or free agency. The free agent class this year seems strong at some positions and much weaker at others, but there's a […]