Five matchups to watch in Week 16

There are just two weeks to go in the regular season. Nine teams are still alive for six stops in the NFC, with all seeds up for grabs. A whopping nine teams are still alive for just three available playoff spots in the AFC, plus the three teams that have already clinched their division are […]

Five Matchups to Watch in Week 15

With the battle for division titles and wild card berths up for grabs, Week 15 offers a surfeit of interesting matchups of player and team. Here are some of the more intriguing ones on Sunday leading up to Sunday night’s clash for NFC East supremacy. 1. Broncos WR Emmanuel Sanders vs. Chargers CB Shareece Wright […]

Five Matchups to Watch in Week 14

With the season winding down and playoff races heating up, this weekend is loaded with interesting matchups. These are some of the most interesting potential personnel battles in Sunday’s afternoon slate to get you prepared for the Patriots-Chargers nightcap. 1. Eagles OLB Connor Barwin vs. Seahawks RT Justin Britt Most of the attention in Sunday’s big […]

Five matchups to watch in Week 12

The last week of the bye season has some great matchups, with some good divisional games and some interesting cross-sectional matchups. Here are some of the most intriguing personnel matchups we may see Sunday before Giants-Cowboys kicks off. 1. Patriots DT Vince Wilfork vs. Lions RG Travis Swanson Even as a veteran, New England’s mammoth […]

Five matchups to watch in Week 11

Week 11 may be the last of the regular season with more than two teams on bye, but it still offers plenty of interesting matchups. Like we highlight every week, here are a couple of the more interesting ones from Sunday’s afternoon slate. 1. Lions WR Golden Tate vs. Cardinals CB Antonio Cromartie The Cardinals […]

Five matchups to watch in Week 10

In the heart of the bye week seasons, there are fewer games to watch. Last week provided a couple particularly intriguing games that offset the lower volume. Though none of the games this week comes close to Broncos-Patriots as a headliner, there are still plenty of interesting matchups. 1. Saints DE Cameron Jordan vs. 49ers […]

Five matchups to watch in Week 9

Here are some of the most intriguing matchups to watch in Sunday’s slate of action. 1. Broncos DE DeMarcus Ware vs. Patriots LT Nate Solder The big clash in the AFC this week is loaded with intriguing individual matchups. Last season, the Broncos lacked a standout rusher opposite Von Miller, so they went out and […]

Five matchups to watch in Week 8

It’s time for this week’s run-down of some of the most intriguing player matchups in Week 8’s slate of Sunday’s daytime games. 1. Lions DT Ndamukong Suh vs. Falcons C James Stone Poor Matt Ryan. This week starting center Peter Konz became the fourth Atlanta offensive line starter to head to injured reserve. That list […]

Five matchups to Watch in Week 7

Here are some of the more intriguing matchups from Sunday’s slate of afternoon games. 1. Bengals TE Jermaine Gresham vs. Colts ILB D’Qwell Jackson Without A.J. Green and with Marvin Jones now on the IR, the Bengals are playing without Andy Dalton’s two best targets from last year. That means more work for Gresham, who […]

Five matchups to watch in Week 6

Last week’s premier matchup highlighted the nature of game-planning in the NFL. I expected the Arizona Cardinals to match Patrick Peterson, their most physically talented corner, on Demaryius Thomas, the Broncos’ most physically talented wide receiver. Instead, Arizona played Peterson on Emmanuel Sanders and left Antonio Cromartie on Thomas. There was a particular logic to […]

Five Matchups to Watch in Week 5

We’re back with our regular look at some of the most intriguing potential matchups from this week’s slate of games. 1. Broncos WR Demaryius Thomas vs. Cardinals CB Patrick Peterson One of the league’s most physically talented and best wide receivers is taking one of the league’s most physically talented and best cornerbacks. Neither has […]

Five Matchups to Watch in Week 4

We’re back for our look at some key matchups from Week 4’s biggest games. 1. Eagles C David Molk vs. 49ers DL Justin Smith A lot of the Eagles’ offensive success in 2013 was powered by an integrated offensive line that played together for all 16 games. Against the Redskins in Week 3, they were […]

Five Matchups to Watch in Week 3

Week 3 includes probably the best, most intriguing game of the entire season. The Denver Broncos travel to Seattle to face the Seahawks in our first Super Bowl rematch in almost a decade. There are enough interesting matchups in that game to fill entire columns, but Sunday afternoon brings with it a dozen other games. […]

Five Matchups to Watch in Week 2

The NFL is a game of matchups. If your cornerback can’t cover my wide receiver, it’s going to be a long day for you. That is, unless you do something about it or my offensive tackle can’t block your edge rusher. Then I have to do something. Coaches will scheme and plan as much as […]

Tim Tebow isn’t good enough to be a distraction

Is Tim Tebow being blackballed by the NFL? The short and simple answer is that Tim Tebow is not good enough as a player to be a distraction in the NFL, and the media circus around him is a distraction. There's no question Tim Tebow is one of the biggest media stories as an athlete. […]